November 23, 2001

( In Harbin City and vicinity, most of the practitioners being sentenced to forced labor are imprisoned in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp, Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp and Heilongjiang Province Drug Rehabilitation Center. Those who aren't sentenced to forced labor are illegally detained in Harbin City No. 1, or No. 2 Detention Center (also called Guxiang Detention Center whose nickname is "duck's pen" - Yaziquan) and other detention centers affiliated with district police departments.

Most of the practitioners who have been held for a long time are suffering from scabies. Some practitioners have cankers covering their entire body. Some practitioners' bodies are swollen all over and covered with pus and blood. Some of their arms are so swollen that they are as thick as a big bowl in diameter, and their legs are two times thicker than usual. Some practitioners could not walk or take care of themselves due to the severe scabies. The practitioners being illegally detained have been suffering from scabies for a long time, and still they are overloaded with labor everyday and in addition they are tortured everyday. The situation is abominable. At this point there are practitioners who have been suffering from scabies for nearly a year, and they are not cured yet. The practitioners being detained in Wanjia Labor Camp and Changlinzi Labor Camp suffered from scabies the most. However, the problem is quite pervasive for practitioners illegally detained in other detention centers and labor camps, too, throughout Mainland China.

We call on all practitioners, especially practitioners in Harbin City, to collectively send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind the scabies and eliminate the evil persecuting practitioners through the means of scabies.