During the past two days, the police discovered a Dafa truth clarifying material printing site nearby and arrested the practitioners who worked there. From that, I could not help but realize that the deviated beings in other dimensions are increasing the intensity of their efforts and starting yet another wave of frenzied persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

Faced with the current set of evil circumstances, each of us Dafa practitioners needs to take the initiative and courageously step forward to resist and eliminate the evil, because we are responsible for everything that is righteous in the entire cosmos. The evil itself is not scary. The key is that we need to rectify ourselves and not leave any gaps for the evil to take advantage of. The only places that the evil can do damage are the places that we omit.

A few days ago, as I was printing Dafa material, some crude and dirty words suddenly appeared in my mind. To cultivators, this situation is called "thought karma." In the past, I would have controlled it first and then used righteous thoughts to eliminate it. But now I realize that it did not just exist as a separate and independent entity. It was actually rooted in something else. That something else is "notion."

When the words and actions of other people do not conform to our notions (of course, this does not include attempts to damage the Fa), as soon as our hearts are stirred up even a little bit, the thought karma will strengthen these notions to which we are attached. Yet because we are in the middle of it, we cannot detect and realize that this is not our own thinking at all. As time goes on, our actions and thoughts will be limited by this process and unable to get out of it. We carry it with us even while doing Dafa work. Sometimes its manifestations are very obvious, including attachments such as jealousy, imagination, arguments and showing off. In fact they are all deviated notions and arranged by the old forces. I think we need to recognize how damaging they are. When we send forth righteous thoughts each day, we concentrate on eliminating the evil forces, but there are factors that allow the evil forces to continue to exist in our own minds.

Each of us Dafa practitioners is being placed under a great deal of pressure. Under these circumstances, we still should try to determine which things we have not done well and how to improve. It is difficult, but because we are Dafa practitioners, we need to do better and better.

I personally think that in order for us to do a better job at validating the Fa and doing Dafa work, we need to study the Fa and read the books more. When we encounter problems and conflicts, we need to search inward and use "Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance" as the standard in everything that we do. We need to cultivate steadfastly, eliminate all the attachments and notions from the old cosmos that everyday people hold, and not let the evil find any gaps. We need to meet the standard of Dafa practitioners whose actions match their words, and who are as solid as diamonds. If we truly can do all of these things, then the evil will evaporate on its own.

The above is just my own understanding and a reflection of my own limited level of cultivation. If there is anything that is not correct, I respectfully ask my fellow practitioners to point it out.