1. Tang Tierong, a practitioner from Xinbin County, died after being cruelly beaten for a whole night in the forced labor camp and was sent back home. The wicked police tried very hard to block the news.
  2. Wang Dejun, male, from Hongtoushan County, was sent to Brigade 9 (for new comers) of the forced labor camp in September. Shortly before the National Day (October 1), some inmates, ordered by the brigade chief, forced him to renounce Dafa. They only allowed Wang 3 hours sleep per day and forced him to sit with legs crossed and upper body straight for the rest of the time, otherwise they would beat and kick him. A few days later, Wang was totally deprived of the right to sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, he'd be kicked in the neck; as a result of damage to his vocal chords, his voice became hoarse.
  3. Liu Baokui from Tieling City had the same experience in early October. He was forbidden to sleep for 7 days, and his throat was damaged from the kicks. Brigade Chief Wu Wei, and Jiang Yongfeng (No. 2145178), are the wicked police officers who instigated the torture of Wang Dejun and Liu Baokui.
  4. Liu Yanqin, female, is a practitioner from Qingyuan County. After she had been on a hunger strike for many days, Wu Wei and Jiang Yongfeng struck her violently, in front of many witnesses, until her nose and mouth were bleeding.
  5. Hui Lijuan, female, from Fushun City, was shocked with three electric batons simultaneously by the wicked police led by group chief Chen Linghua.
  6. Yao Yanhui, a practitioner sent to Fushun from another place, was hung on the bedstead for a long time. As a result, Yao could not walk for 3 months.
  7. He Mei, female, was from Fushun City. Prior to cultivation she had surgically planted steel plates in several places of her body. Even under such a physical condition, she was not spared from torture and was brutally slapped with the acquiescence of police and the brigade chief.
  8. Liang Shuyun, female, from Fushun City, was violently beaten by inmates instigated by the wicked police. Liang's hands were badly swollen from the beating, to the point that she couldn't take care of herself for a week.
  9. Chen Jirong from Qingyuan County was slow to move after having been on a hunger strike for several days. Brigade chief Zeng Yanqiu fiercely kicked Chen dozens of times with his boots. As a result, Chen was unable to walk for many days.
  10. Peng Geng, a practitioner employed by the Police Department of Liaoning Province, was detained in the "tight-control" class where speaking was forbidden.
  11. Jiang Yan, female, and Zhou Yuzhi, female, suffered from physical punishment such as "flying airplane," "squatting" and "forbidding to sleep," while being watched by inmates.
  12. Piao Shenghua was kept under tight surveillance. Piao was besieged and threatened by over 20 inmates, who even closely watched Piao going to the toilet or fetching water.

We ask fellow practitioners to please send forth righteous thoughts to support practitioners in the Wujiabaozi Forced Labor Camp who determinedly safeguard Dafa.

November 17, 2001