(Clearwisdom.net) In 2000, Fangqiang Labor Camp sent personnel to Masanjia Labor Camp to study the "techniques" used there to torture Dafa practitioners. Soon after, they intensified the persecution on Falun Gong practitioners. The camp strictly controlled and tormented Falun Gong practitioners by using the "Three Collection" method, i.e., two criminal inmates watch one Falun Gong practitioner, always following Falun Gong practitioners closely, even when they were using the toilet, brushing their teeth or washing themselves. If the inmates made an effort to control Falun Gong practitioners tightly, their imprisonment term would be reduced. Under such an incentive policy, Falun Gong practitioners had no personal freedom at all and they were even forbidden to talk with other practitioners. In early April of 2001, Dafa practitioners in Team 7 protested against the system, but the police instigated the prisoners to drag away those who were making this reasonable request. Then, Dafa practitioner Xu Aihua refused to work in protest, thus she suffered severe persecution. They took off all her clothes on the working site, pressed her down on the ground, piled up soil on her body and dragged her on the ground. The persecution was intensified to such an extent that it is beyond imagination of all kind-hearted people that this is happening in the 21st century China.

Instigated by this policy, the vicious prisoners used shoes to violently strike Dafa practitioner Zhang Yulong's face until his head, face, eyes, nose and mouth were out of shape. The wicked inmates hit and kicked Dafa practitioner Pan Rujing because he refused to slander Master Li and Dafa articles. The labor camp police themselves used electric batons to shock the Falun Gong practitioners.

During the evil persecution, team 4 Dafa practitioners collectively submitted a letter that requested the government to restore the reputation of Master Li and Falun Dafa, release all illegally imprisoned Dafa practitioners, and provide Dafa practitioners a safe practice environment. The police were furious at the Dafa practitioners' just request. They punished the team 4 Dafa practitioners physically by locking some up separately and electrically shocking others with batons. They tormented one Dafa practitioner in the "Severe Punishment Team" (where determined Dafa practitioners are locked in and suffer more brutal persecution) with 6 electric batons.

In order to accomplish the criminal task assigned by the higher officials, since this July the labor camp has used the team 2 as a brainwashing base, threatening, cheating and misleading in addition to the regular beating, cursing, electric shocking, and constantly brainwashing them around clock. Everyone locked in team 2 has experienced the constant brainwashing without any sleep, from one week to half a month. They aimed at breaking down one's spirit so as to reach their criminal goal.

It is the police who has instigated and supported the inmates' evil acts. However, who is it that has instigated and supported the police's brutal persecution?

One policeman of team 2 admitted voluntarily: "We have the order from above that we will have to take legal responsibilities if other inmates die, however, we don' t have to take any legal responsibilities if Falun Gong people are tormented to death."

It is self evident that Jiang Zemin and other evil authorities have been instigating them to commit crimes.