My wife and I obtained the Fa on the same day in 1997. Since then, we have experienced virtually the same tribulations, and we have often exchanged our understandings of cultivation. As early as last year, however, I found that I fell behind her and the gap became greater and greater. Her physical body experienced all sorts of changes--too many to mention. On the contrary, I could not feel any changes at all. Still, her improved understanding and bodily changes gave me much confidence.

So where exactly did the gap come from? I often asked myself this question. The major reason seemed to be that I was busy outside everyday and everyday people's tasks made it very hard for me to concentrate on the exercises and Fa study. But then another thought came to my mind. In our system we cultivate among everyday people. As a result I should have been able to improve faster than her since I was exposed to a more complicated situation. I was confused.

One night, however, I was awakened while we were studying Teacher's new article, Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference. We both sensed that time was very limited. At that moment my first thought was: since time is so limited, will I be left behind when Teacher completes this? In contrast, my wife's first words were, "Not much time is left now, and there are still many people who have not obtained the Fa or learned the truth. We really have to hurry up!"

Through this incident, I realized what was causing the gap between us. If a practitioner can always hold Dafa as the most important thing, then it doesn't matter if it's everyday work, getting along with people, or doing family chores--one will always be cultivating. In contrast, if a practitioner is always worrying about balancing everyday tasks and Fa study or doing the exercises, one will not be cultivating even while doing Dafa work. The former condition describes the process by which a divine being advances quickly, while the latter describes the condition of a human being, whose journey is marked by advancement and regression.

Because my wife received less education than I did, she often needs me to explain the literal meaning of Teacher's articles to her before she can understand them. As long as she understands that, she will act very well. She said, "I just believe it--believe in Teacher and believe in Dafa." Right now, I think I have found the reasons that caused the gap between us. I also need to cultivate diligently and make rapid progress.