Nov 16, 2001

( Since April 25, 1999, the evil thugs of Chengyan Town, Qingdao City have closely followed the "Human Rights Rascal" Jiang Zemin's cruel persecution of Dafa practitioners. They have committed numerous evil crimes.

Practitioner Jiang Jing has been persecuted many times because she defended her belief of Falun Gong. In February 2000, she was deprived of personal freedom after her first petition in Beijing to stop the persecution. Xin Nuoming, the secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, and his associates acted without any human nature. They locked her for 6 months in a basement, which was completely dark and full of stale air. Then they went even further and put her into a mental hospital for further torture. At the mental hospital, they forcibly injected her with medicine that would destroy her central nervous system and forced pills into her mouth. She escaped from the evil den later, but thereafter she couldn't return to her home because she would be persecuted further.

In July 2001, Jiang Jing was unfortunately arrested by the evil again. She went on hunger strike for half a month and was forced-fed many times during this period. Despite the immense pain that Jiang Jing was suffering, Xin Nuoming still viciously insulted her. But she escaped from the evil den again.

In August 2001, Jiang Jing was arrested another time. The evil beings became more vicious as they had nothing to fear because of the strong support from the government. On August 26, 2001, Jiang Jing refused to cooperate with them and was forced to jump from the fourth floor of the building. She was seriously injured. Her pelvis was severely dislocated and inflamed. The evil thugs paid no attention to the serious condition of her injury. They dragged her onto a narrow wooden bed only three planks wide and put handcuffs and shackles on her. One of them couldn't bear that she would be forced to suffer like that and suggested putting a mat under her. Xin Nuoming said shamelessly: "There's no need. It is cooler this way." Zhang Zhongkai cruelly beat her even when Jiang Jing was seriously injured. Jiang Jing's face and forehead became extremely swollen from the beatings.

It was not until nearly three weeks later on September 14, 2001, that the evil thugs secretly brought her to the hospital at night. The doctor asked where her family members were and why she wasn't brought in sooner due to her serious condition. Xin Nuoming still said shamelessly: "Don't worry about her. She won't die." Director Zhou, a lawless officer of Chengyang District, even said: "If she dies, it will be for nothing. No one will be responsible for her death." They also tried their best to seal off the information, and bribed the doctor to write down a false medical history. Even at the beginning of October 2001, 22 days later, they still kept handcuffs and shackles on her, and force-fed her every 5 days. Jiang Jing was tortured to nearly her last breath, but she never had fear. She firmly persisted in practicing Dafa and her heart never changed. Later, she was sent to the Dashan First Detention Center of Qingdao City, for further persecution. Now it is unknown if Jiang Jing is alive or dead.

We urgently appeal to all kind people of the world to take action together to stop the persecution in China.

List of perpetrators:

Xin Nuoming, secretary of Chengyang Town Politics and Law Committee, Qingdao City: telephone number: 011-86-532-7869826, ext. 3005

Zhang Zhongkai: Director, telephone number: 011-86-532-7868826, ext. 3038