November 16, 2001


What Master Li endures

My child was born in 1992 and obtained the Fa when she was three. When she was four, she used her tiny finger to point at the characters one by one and read Zhuan Falun at the practice site with other practitioners. Now, she is almost ten years old, and she tells me what she sees and hears everyday but never allows me to write them down and organize them. There is one incident she said I must write down for her.

Some high level beings pointed at the practitioners who have enlightened along an evil path, and sarcastically said to Master Li, "You would still endure for these kinds of people?" Master Li held up a few bowls of liquid poison, some of which still had bubbles on the surface, and drank them down. Bowls in heaven are the size of water barrels. Master Li didn't have to drink the poison if he decided to give up these practitioners. In addition, if there were practitioners who did not overcome xinxing obstacles, Master Li had to drink poison for them as well.

Once my child saw Master Li drinking poison, she said, "Master, let me drink it for you!" Master Li said, "Succeeding in your cultivation will be the best way to repay me."

Giving out flyers in rural areas

One day, my husband and I decided to go to a rural area to distribute materials that clarify the truth of Falun Gong. The destination was about 7 to 8 li (about 11 to 13 miles) away. It would take about four hours by bicycle. I had never been there before and started to worry. My husband worried that I could not keep up with him. Then I thought about the reports on about the great worldwide "SOS" walk. How could such a small thing stop me? It turned out that I was always riding in front of my husband, and it only took two and a half hours to get there. We spent three and a half hours distributing the materials and returned home the same night. The next morning, my daughter said she saw us from heaven. Under our bicycles there were Falun lighting the road. There were also Falun pushing behind the bicycles. Next to each star were dieties watching us. Master Li was also watching. My daughter said she was watching us with her eyes emitting two rays. On the back of my head there was a bright sphere-like object with "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." That was true: within those few hours I was continuously sending forth righteous thoughts. After finishing one village we were lost in the dark. Then a trailer came and took us to another village. My daughter said that Master Li arranged it.

A small incident like this really is not worth mentioning, but the compassion of Master being with us everywhere made me cry. Therefore I wrote this article for mutual encouragement, and to inspire practitioners to strive forward together.