(News Programme "Ekot" on Swedish Radio)

On November 20, Swedish Radio broadcasted Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh's statement on today's arrest of Swedish citizens in China:

Foreign Minister: I think this is totally unacceptable. Yet unfortunately it is so common when it comes to China that, despite the fact that they signed the UN's conventions and said that they would follow human rights, we see that the persecution of Falun Gong, amongst others, is getting worse. This is very serious, whether it is Swedes or people of other nationalities who are arrested; but of course, specifically, we are going to give all our support to the Swedish citizens.

Question: In what way can Sweden help these persons?

Foreign Minister: We have given our Embassy in Beijing the task of immediately trying to see them and give them support. We're also going to lodge protests to the Chinese government both here in Sweden as well as in Beijing.

Question: What are you going to say?

Foreign Minister: That we think that China has to fulfill democratic and human rights requirements and they have to accept a movement such as Falun Gong.