(Clearwisdom.net) In order to protest her illegal arrest and detention, practitioner "1015" went on a hunger strike. (Police arrested her on October 15 in her rented room in Caochang Street, Lanzhou City and put her into Dashaping Detention Center. As she did not reveal her identity, the police numbered her "1015.") From the day she was detained until November 2 when we got the news, she had been on the hunger strike for 19 days. She was sent for emergency treatment to Dashaping Labor Camp Hospital. Her situation is unclear.

Ma Yun, a female practitioner from Lanzhou City, was illegally held beyond her release date in Dashaping Detention Center for nearly a year. On October 21, 2001, she went on a hunger strike, and on October 23, she was sent to the labor camp hospital for emergency treatment. When we got this information, she had been on the hunger strike for 13 days. Her situation is unclear.

Wu Xiaojing, a female practitioner from Sichuan Province was arrested early this year in Lanzhou City and illegally put into Xiguoyuan Labor Camp of Lanzhou City. She was very weak due to the inhumane torture. She was sent to Dashaping Labor Camp Hospital for emergency treatment. Her situation is unclear.

When they received emergency treatment in Dashaping Labor Camp Hospital, the three practitioners mentioned above began clarifying the truth to the hospital employees despite their lives being in danger. On the morning of October 31, the three practitioners studied the Fa together. But the vicious head of Discipline Section of the labor camp, Mr. Xu, led in some people who twisted the practitioners' arms and brutally beat them. They confiscated practitioners' Dafa books and Teacher's articles. Practitioner "1015" rejected the evil with her emaciated body. But the vicious supervisor Xu twisted her arms, pushed her to the window and slammed her head against the iron window frame by grabbing her hair. Then he handcuffed her to the heating pipe in the hallway. She was not permitted to go back to the ward until 11 p.m. Then she was handcuffed to the bed frame in the ward. Up to this point (November 2), in order to protest the persecution and demand the return of their Dafa books and Teacher's articles, the three practitioners have rejected any medical treatment. On October 31, Wu Xiaojing went on a hunger strike. In the meantime, they asked for a talk with supervisor Xu. They wanted to introduce Dafa to him and tell him the principle of "good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil." But the vicious official did not show up.

In addition, a male practitioner illegally detained together with practitioner "1015" also refused to reveal his identity and protested the illegal detention with a hunger strike. He was hospitalized in Dashaping Labor Camp Hospital for emergency treatment. His situation is unclear.