(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, the Shizishan Rehabilitation Labour Camp in Hubei has been using cruel means to force Dafa practitioners to give up their practice, for example, forcing them to stand up straight for over 10 hours every day in which their feet, hands, head, and body are not allowed to have the slightest movement. If the guard finds someone moving, physical abuse follows. Sometimes practitioners were being covered with blankets and then beaten viciously by 4 or 5 guards. In order to check if practitioners are standing straight and not moving, the guards place pieces of paper between the practitioners' legs, between their arms and their body, between their head and the wall, and between their body and the wall. When checking at meal time or bed time, if any paper was lost or torn the practitioner would be regarded as having moved, and would be viciously beaten. When the guards felt tired from torturing the practitioners, a bunch of drug addict inmates would be called in to abuse the practitioners. They called this kind of extreme inhumane physical torture "military training." Day after day they used this torture method on Dafa practitioners, and they did not allow them to be released when their term in the labour camp had ended. Some practitioners had become crippled from the waist down due to this kind of torture. The thugs also banned speaking among the practitioners. If the thugs found anyone talking, they would immediately round up the person to beat him up. They used all kinds of means to force practitioners to give up on cultivation.

In the past 2 years, local practitioners firmly continued practicing Falun Gong, and were not perturbed by the evil. Dafa practitioner Yuan Guirong (female) was crippled from torture. Li Airong (female) and Zhang Jinyou had a sudden surge in blood pressure up to 110-200 as a result of the torture, yet the guards would not stop, they continued on with the physical abuses. Luo Ying (female) was surrounded and beaten up by 4-5 evil thugs, for demanding a Dafa practitioners' right to speak. Tao Meihua (female), and Hu Borong (female) became paralysed from the waist down as a result of the physical torture and abuses.

Hu Borong is a gynaecologist in People's No. 3 Hospital of Huangmei County. She was illegally sentenced to one year in a labour camp for practicing Falun Gong. On July 23, 2001 she was sent into the Shizishan Rehabilitation Labour Camp. Her body was searched upon entering the centre, and the guard forced her to write down a consent to be subjected to the so called "detention rules" of the labour camp. Hu knew she was not an offender, and refused. The lawless officials in the centre found someone else to write it in her name, and with 3-4 people restraining her, they forced a handprint on the piece of paper, as well as shaved her head bald. Five or six days later, Hu wrote a declaration that the handprint was forced and against her will. For this, the lawless officers in the centre ordered the inmates to beat her up, then they demanded that she not let out any sound, and sent her to do the "standing" torture straight after. Hu refused, so she was put under a blanket and beaten up viciously by 4-5 guards together. The routine repeated itself everyday for over a month, when Hu's lower limbs started to shake, she became increasingly week and hard to control. One inmate saw that it was getting serious and reported it to the centre. They sent Hu to the Guangzhou Military Zone District Hospital in Wuhan. Dr. Wang from this hospital could not decide the cause of her condition and redirected her to the Wuhan Central Hospital. Doctors from Central Hospital questioned, "How could this possibly be caused by standing?" When they found out that she was a Dafa practitioner being detained in the Shizishan Labour Camp, they said, "How could they (the labour camp) do such a messed up thing?" When vicious labour camp team leader Gao talked to Hu, Hu said, "My paralysis is caused by the torture in this labour camp." Gao tried to get Hu to jump out of a high story of a building, but Hu said, "Dafa practitioners will not kill themselves." Gao also said, "I have here all the torture devices imaginable, I do not believe you can resist and not give up practicing Falun Gong." At last, when they saw that Hu's condition was serious, being afraid of the consequences and blame, they informed Hu's family to pick her up on October 19.

Evil persecution is still continuing; we call for all kind-hearted people to stand up and help put a stop to it!

November 10, 2001