November 8, 2001


1. Dafa Practitioners' Righteous Thoughts Manifest Mighty Power

Jiang Zemin, the "Human Rights Scoundrel," stayed in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province from November 3 to November 8, 2001. Wherever he went, the streets were full of police officers and plainclothes security men, forbidding pedestrians and vehicles to pass. As a result, the traffic on the 2nd main road around the city was severely congested. Complains were heard everywhere, "So many people suffer when only one Jiang Zemin is passing by!"

The Dafa practitioners with their Celestial Eyes opened saw that in other dimensions foxes, snakes, and other vicious animals were controlling every policeman and plainclothes security person from behind.

During those days when Jiang Zemin was in Shijiazhuang, everyone had to avoid wherever the armed police patrol showed up. Shijiazhuang Dafa practitioners used their wisdom obtained from Dafa, constantly doing Fa-rectification things and safeguarding Dafa.

2. Dafa Banner Frightened the Evil

By the time Shijiazhuang Dafa practitioners heard the news that Jiang Zemin was in Shijiazhuang, it was already November 4. They immediately took action and took this good opportunity to clarify the truth and eliminate the evil. When they knew that Jiang Zemin would go to the 54th Institute of Electronic Industry Department on November 5, some Dafa practitioners hung up several 5-meter long banners outside of the institute. Others sent forth righteous thoughts and hung up bright golden banners reading, "Falun Dafa Is Good" and "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" outside of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp, Custodial Centers, Detention Centers, and Hebei Province Brainwashing Center. They also distributed flyers and posted short truth-clarification sentences in the police residence buildings of Shijiazhuang 1st Custodial Center, and came back safely. Several Dafa practitioners distributed flyers in the residence buildings belonging to the 54th Institute of Electronic Industry Department. At that time, a group of police officers were patrolling in the yard of the residence buildings. Sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, practitioners successfully hung up the banners with red words and yellow background: "Good Will Be Rewarded with Good and Evil with Evil" and "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance."

Around 5:00 p.m., Jiang Zemin passed by the western section of the 2nd main road around the city. Parts of the 2nd main road around the city had already been cordoned off by that time, where no pedestrians and vehicles were allowed to pass. Police officers and plainclothes police heavily guarded everywhere. Some practitioners were planning to release hydrogen balloons with Dafa banners tied to them. However, the city management personnel had ordered the peddlers not sell any hydrogen balloons during the days that Jiang Zemin would be there. Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts and finally bought different colored hydrogen balloons. They cleverly avoided the policemen's sight and released the balloons on the top of a residential building near the 2nd main road around the city. "FALUN DAFA IS GOOD," a banner that could shake people's hearts, took off and flew into the sky, shocking the evil. Police cars immediately drove toward the direction where the banner was floating, while Dafa practitioners departed safely.

On the dark night before the dawn, let us continue to clarify the truth more diligently so that more people will support Dafa, oppose persecution, and thus have a beautiful future.