The policemen of the Yushu City detention center (Jilin Province) work outside the law and willfully beat practitioners they illegally detain. By the fall of 1999, over 10 practitioners, such as Zhu Wei, Lin Songtao, etc. had been persecuted.

The worst case occurred between February and March 2000, when over 300 practitioners were illegally detained at the Yushu Detention Center. Some of them were taken after they had gone out to appeal in a manner in accordance with the law. Some of them were arrested for practicing in a park and some of them were intercepted while on their way to appeal. All of them were unlawfully held in a detention center.

During the first couple of days of detention, the practitioners were illegally held at the custodial station. A policewoman in the custodial station splashed a whole barrel of dirty water used to clean the mop onto the practitioners' heads because they were studying Fa and reciting the scriptures; the dirty water mixed with the mud dripped off their heads. The police also confiscated their Falun Dafa books. Therefore, the practitioners held a hunger strike together, and were then transferred to the detention center where they continued to hunger strike. However, under the encouragement from the detention center's president, Wu Fucheng, the guards forced the practitioners that had not eaten food for a couple of days, to go outside and shovel the snow. They badly beat any practitioners who did exercises. Every morning, the noise of beating and shouting could be heard. After being beaten by the guards, the practitioners were cast outside to freeze without any winter clothes, until their hands and mouths were too stiff to move from the freezing cold. One day, Liu Jinfeng's (a twenty year-old woman) cotton-padded coat was taken away and she was frozen outside in the snow after being beaten for practicing. It was a cloudy day. The heavy snowfall and the cold wind pierced her bones. Her hands became swollen very quickly and were then beaten by a guard with a stick. Later, the guards detained in Room 8, the person they considered to be the leading practitioner. The walls of the room were covered with frost and there was water on the floor. It was impossible to sleep in such a gloomy and damp room.

At about 4 o'clock in the morning on the 20th, when the practitioners were doing the sitting meditation, four guards came in with white plastic tubes in each hand (they called these "little white dragons") and started to yell and beat them heavily. An inhumane guard named Sun Jingfu forcibly removed the eight practitioners' clothing, including those of Ren Chunying, Liu Shujuan etc., and left them only their underwear, even though one practitioner told him she was on her period. Then they beat them on the wet floor. They thought the "little white dragons" were not hard enough and so changed to a black rubber tube. The practitioners trembled after each beating. They beat the practitioners for over an hour. The driver, Han, alone beat the practitioner Zhu Feng with over 300 continuous hits. Each one of them took over 10 turns beating the practitioners. How much could those eight practitioners endure? Those four evil guards were: Sun Jingfu, Zhang Fuxue, Zhang Zhijun and Han, the driver. They threw the practitioners outside to freeze in the snow after they felt tired from the beating. It was extremely cold early that morning in north-eastern China. With only their underwear on after being beaten, Zhu Feng and Chai Xiuyun fainted right away. The guards did not even bring them inside, but instead shouted that they could freeze to death. The evil policeman Xu Liufei said, "Don't be afraid. There is only a three 'beatings to death' quota each year." How fierce and cruel they were! Ren Chunying was freezing in the snow wearing only thin trousers and the guard asked her, "Will you practice or not?" She replied. "Yes." So she had to continue to freeze. However, having seen those practitioners almost faint due to the severe freezing, on the other practitioners' repeated requests, the guards allowed the practitioners who had fainted to be carried inside.

The next day, we saw that the bruises of the beaten practitioners were the same black and purple color as the cement floor. The entire lower parts of their bodies had lost their natural colour. Their swollen legs were too horrible to look at. The day before Ren Chunying was beaten for her refusal to not cooperate with the evil, around 10 practitioners were forced to stand outside in the snow between 1:00pm and 5:00pm without their cotton-padded jackets to block the bone-piercing wind. They were returned to their cells in the detention center at the dinnertime. Ren Chunying's ten fingers were so frozen they were white and she lost all sensation. Because of the freezing temperatures, the skin of her fingers shed during the detention period and all her fingernails were removed after she had been released.

Liu Shujuan, a practitioner over 50 years old, kept practicing without fear of the violence. Besides freezing and being beaten, she was shackled with chains weighing several dozen Jin (translator's note: one Jin is equal to 500 grams). She could not straighten her waist and had to walk slightly bent. She was fed by the other practitioners during mealtimes, and practitioners would help her with her pants when she went to the washroom, and was also helped by others when going to sleep. Yet this was not enough. One day, Gao Yong, an evil guard, insulted her in the courtyard by handcuffing her, tying her body with a rope, and then pulling her to a courtyard by dragging the rope. Other guards watched her on the side. 200 detained people ran around the courtyard, surrounding her. Liu Shujuan moved step by step with difficulty because of being tied by rope, and she was drawn into the middle of the courtyard. Gao Yong teased her wobbling walk by saying, "Her steps are like cat steps." Their inhumanity was extreme. Liu Shujuan was handcuffed that way for more than 10 days and was released only when she was to be sent to a labor camp later.

Each one of us has parents, brothers or sisters. Why are these people who believe in "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance" treated like this?

Summary of Facts about the Persecution of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa Practitioners in Yushu City, Jinlin Province

Since July 20th 1999, a small group of criminals, following the orders of Jiang Luo Gang and led by Li Wei, Han Li, Chen Lixin, Wang Lixiu, Liu Xiwu, Fan Hongguang, Su Yongtian etc, cruelly persecuted Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners. They have used all of their efforts to direct the police to arrest practitioners who go to appeal and who continue their cultivation. Under their instruction, the police departments have started to obstruct and intercept practitioners, waiting secretly somewhere for the practitioners to show up, following their tracks, and employing arrest actions similar to the KGB (the ex Soviet secret police).

Till the end of September 2001, they have arrested more than 300 people and sent them to the detention center. Among those, 124 people have been illegally sent to a labor camp, and two out of those sentenced to a labor camp, Wang Xianyou and Han Yuzhu were tortured to death. Their harmonious family life was destroyed. The practitioners who were sent to the detention center or to the labor camp were badly beaten many times and some suffered from serious injury. Li Wei, the president of the city committee, called the police department in Yushu City when he was in Shanghai for business, and stated: "For those practitioners who go to Beijing to appeal, beat them badly after they return, until they are near death." Zhang Guoxue, the XX Party president of Peiying Street Agency said at the street officers meeting, "For those Falun Gong practitioners, we can't miss one even if we have to arrest a thousand by mistake." What madness they display for persecuting Dafa practitioners. Under their direct observation, the departments that are responsible for persecuting Falun Gong-- the political and security division, the detention center, the police departments, the county, the street committee and all the companies-- helped to spread this bloody suppression. The political and security division of the police department and the policemen from the detention center are the most vicious. Few people out of those two departments have not beaten practitioners. In the beginning, they slapped the practitioners, while later they applied all kinds of instruments of torture such as "little white dragon (a plastic tube about 2.8 cm diameter), "riding an airplane" (translator's note: in this torture, the head is bent down until it cannot go down any further, while the hands are pulled up and held up to the highest point. The hips have to point up. One is forced to keep this position unchanged for a long time. The body in this position looks like the shape of an airplane, which is how this torture is named after.), "position with both legs apart", "passing the wall" [Translator's note: these are all names of tortures], handcuffing the hands and the feet, watering the cement floor in the freezing weather and forcing the practitioners to crouch down for hours at a time. One day during winter, Sun Jingfu, an evil guard, was on duty. He forced the female practitioners to stand outside in the snow wearing only underwear for over an hour. They have applied all different kinds of cruel punishment. Some practitioners were covered all over with cuts and bruises and could not take care of themselves. Just as Sun Jingfu, the detention center guard, said: "We are addicted to beating people (which means they have an addiction to beat others and they will feel uncomfortable if they don't)." These words exposed the ugly face of evil. They not only beat practitioners but also force them to work. The practitioners built the two fishing ponds in the detention center manually.

They also extort money from the illegally detained practitioners. The cost of one meal per day is less than 5 Yuan, but they forcibly take 10 to 20 Yuan from them. When relatives visit, each person must spend at least 30 Yuan at the small store inside the detention center. The cost of food and daily-use articles in the detention center is more than twice as much as the cost at the store across the street. The detention center is so called "expertly" in making money. According to sources, from July 1999 to the end of 1999, that store had made over 100,000 Yuan profit (translator's note: the average ordinary urban worker's monthly salary is 500 Yuan) in less than half year. Even worse, in March 2000 the police department said that everyone had to pay 1,000 Yuan before he/she could be released from the detention center; otherwise they would not be allowed to go free. Those law enforcement officers have themselves violated the law. According to regulations, the maximum detention term should be 15 days, but they refused to release the practitioners after 15 days, calling it "monitored living". Some of the practitioners were not even released after a couple of months. At that time, they thought of a way to make money when they saw that the practitioners' families had made immediate requests for the release of the practitioners. So they extorted the practitioners' families. Some practitioners were released after their families were compelled to pay over 10,000 Yuan. All the local police departments were also greedy for this "benefit" and so they too started to arrest anyone as soon as they heard that a person was a practitioner, including a woman over 70 years old. Some practitioners had no way other than hunger striking to protest. Some of them were sent to a labor camp after they had been hunger striking for over 10 days, with their lives at risk. In Yushu City, more than 20 practitioners were sent to a labor camp in this way and all the labor camps are afraid to take them. Liang Weixin works for the 610 Office and does not let the practitioners who should be released go free. Their families have to pay 240 Yuan in order for the practitioner to go free. Why do they do this? It is only to have some kind of "achievement" or to extort some money. However in the end they are utterly devoid of conscience and lose their human nature.

The list of the policemen who have beaten practitioners by themselves or who have instructed others to beat or seize practitioners:

Li Tieyan: ex vice head of the political and security department, telephone: 3624648

Shi Hailing: personnel of the political and security department, telephone: 3628340

Ma Xiaomeng: ex driver of the political and security department, telephone: 3649841

Chen Lihui: personnel of the political and security department

Guo Shuqing: personnel of the political and security department

Wei Fucheng: the president of the detention center, telephone: 3623922

Xu Liufei: guard in the detention center, telephone: 3634109

Sun Jingfu: guard in the detention center, telephone: 3624197

Wang Fei: an ex guard of the detention center, telephone: 3601969

Zhang Zhijun: an ex guard of the detention center, telephone: 3626152

Gao Yong: an ex guard of the detention center, telephone: 3637755

Zhang You: an ex guard of the detention center

Hu Haijun: an ex guard of the detention center, telephone: 3626785

Sun Yunfeng: the president of Peiying police station, telephone: 3623158

Zhang Deqing: the president of Zhengyang police station, telephone: 3622235

Chen Tao: the president of Jianshe police station, telephone: 3624718

Zhang Dezhi: the president of Qingshanxiang police station, telephone: 3690432