(Clearwisdom.net) During the National holiday around October 1, the evil force seemed as if faced with a formidable foe. The wicked people in various police stations broke into the homes and workplaces of Dafa practitioners to harass and disturb them. They attempted to drag more practitioners into the evil brainwashing classes. However, this was resisted by Dafa practitioners and people with righteous minds.

1. Dafa practitioner "A" always openly safeguards Dafa with dignity, while the evil police cannot do anything to him/her. During the National Day, "A" went back to his hometown. Those policeman who scramble for rewards could not trace him back home. They felt so timid that they asked local police to assist them in kidnapping this practitioner. But the practitioner did not panic. He took the chance to clarify the truth and sent forth righteous thoughts to help Fa-rectification. Thus, the police waited in their vans for a whole day next to the building and eventually retreated.

2. Dafa practitioner "B" was released from a labor camp, but the police went to his/her home to force him to sign a so-called "guarantee." But this practitioner warned them: "Why are you here? I didn't even give in at the labor camp. How could I possibly give you any guarantee? My family doesn't want you here. Leave now!" The police were defeated and they fled.

3. Female practitioner "D" was fired from her job. When the so-called "sensitive day" (i.e. the National Day on October 1) was imminent, the workplace leader ordered her to write four copies of the so-called "understanding reports (to show that her thinking was 'correct')." If she wrote the reports she would be allowed to resume her work. But "D" wrote without hesitation: "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Falun Dafa is a righteous way." Further, she wrote how she had sought long and hard for a great cultivation practice and how she benefited from practicing Falun Dafa. Also, she wrote the true story of what happened during the April 25 incident, the July 20 occurrence, "the deluxe house (that Mr. Li is accused of having)," "taking medicine," etc. She finished three reports at once. The leader was irritated upon reading these and said, "You even dare to laud Falun Gong! You should be criticizing it! I'll send you to jail!" Many of her friends attempted to persuade her to change her mind. However, she was calm and thought: All I am doing is safeguarding Dafa. Despite the leader's objection, she was permitted to work after the sensitive day.

4. A General Secretary of the party branch at a work unit was designated to be in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong. This secretary was always broad-minded and optimistic. When Dafa practitioners promoted Dafa to him and helped him gradually realize the truth, he resisted this persecution imposed on Dafa practitioners. Whenever the authority at higher levels or the policemen disturbs or interferes with Dafa practitioners, he would solve the problem himself, protect Dafa practitioners with his power, thereby also creating his own future.