According to a report in Beijing by World Daily on October 29, the infection rate of the HIV virus and occurrence of AIDS in Mainland China have been going up steadily these past few years. The authorities announced that the trend showing rapid increase of both those who are being infected by the virus and the numbers of AIDS patients being treated is not yet under control. The Health Department officials also divulged that the numbers of homosexuals in Mainland China was staggering, and intensive education about AIDS has become extremely necessary.

The latest report from the health department shows that in the first three quarters of this year, 5,616 people have been found to be infected by the HIV virus, which has already exceeded the 5,201 cases reported for the full year last year. This year, 328 have been reported to have full-blown AIDS, which is already 90 more cases than the 233 that were reported last year for the full year.

Experts estimate that of those infected with the HIV virus in Mainland China, more than 10 thousand of those were infected through homosexuality. By the end of last year the number of those infected had actually exceeded 600,000.

Drug taking through intravenous injections is the main channel for the spread of the disease in Mainland China, and more than two thirds of the infected people were infected with the virus this way.