(Clearwisdom.net) One of my childhood friends works in the Police Department in China. After July 20, 1999, I wrote to him many times to clarify the truth. I was a little disappointed because he never responded until recently. I received a letter that he asked someone to hand-deliver to me. I was overjoyed to read his letter and want to share some of what he wrote.

"I know all of the truth you tried to clarify to me. Actually most of the people here know clearly that the propaganda on TV and radio is false. Anyone who lived through the Cultural Revolution will not be easily fooled. Because of the propaganda, you might think that we have been deceived. However, we know that all of you who practice Falun Dafa are good people. But, at the present time, right and wrong are turned up-side down. The 'upper level' authorities are forcing us to arrest people, even during the holidays. Who among us is not complaining?

Last year there was a female Falun Gong practitioner, in her fifties, who went to Beijing to appeal the persecution of Falun Dafa. The Beijing police arrested her, and she was tortured. We were ordered to return her to her original place of residence. We found that she had been beaten so severely that she appeared to be deformed. Her face was bruised, and swollen so badly that it looked like a purple eggplant. Our hearts softened and were pained from what we saw, because we felt sad for this woman. We could all feel sympathy. Who does not have a mother, a wife, or a daughter? We could not imagine how the police in Beijing could be so cruel!

Although I do not believe in Falun Gong, I know that you are all really good people. I would never do such things that would result in completely losing one's heavenly consciousness [morality]. Many who are eager to be involved in the persecution of Falun Dafa are people who actually have all kinds of problems but they are protected by higher-ups. However, there are quite a few who still have a conscience, but under the current circumstances, they cannot openly defy the 'upper level' authorities. The only thing they can do is delay the evil orders by using excuses. The 'upper level' has their orders, while our lower level has a way to deal with the orders! We have used the convenience of our jobs to very carefully record details about the persecution towards Falun Dafa, especially those cases where Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death or disabled. All of this is evidence, and they can be useful in the future. Those who committed wrong deeds can never imagine in their dreams that some of us, working beside them, are collecting the evidence of their criminal acts. You probably never thought of this because you are currently overseas.

As a matter of fact, people all know this is the second Cultural Revolution, and there must be a day of redress!"

I am so happy for my friend after reading his letter, because his own actions will be rewarded with a future position. I truly hope others can be like him, placing themselves in positions that do not oppose Dafa, so that they can avoid being buried with the evil.