1. Go to Greenland

The practitioners from Denmark have been planning to spread Dafa in Greenland for quite a few months now. As Fa rectification proceeds more quickly and in greater depth, European practitioners realize more and more clearly that it is the sacred responsibility of every practitioner to bring Dafa to the sentient beings in these countries. We as practitioners should cover every country, every nationality and leave out nothing when introducing Dafa to people. It was realized that introducing Falun Dafa in Greenland, the world's biggest island and an autonomous territory of Denmark, was the responsibility of Denmark practitioners.

Being an autonomous territory of Denmark, Greenland, populated mostly by Eskimos, is a rather independent territory in the North American Continent. Greenland has a population of 50,000 and is an area 50 times as big as Denmark. Nuuk, the Capitol of Greenland, is only 300 Km from the North Pole.

Between October 17 to 26, four of us traveled to Nuuk to begin a ten-day Hongfa [Note:Introduction of Falun Dafa]activity.

On the afternoon of October 17, first three practitioners arrived at Nuuk Airport, which is maybe the smallest airport in the world. When we got off plane we were welcomed by icy cold winds. The first question that occurred to us was how to Hongfa under such conditions. We did not have slightest idea. However, we firmly believed in Dafa and Teacher and we had no doubt that the harsh conditions would be no problem on this Hongfa trip.

We settled down in a house close to the sea. The icebergs of different sizes floating in the clean, unpolluted waters made a truly unique Arctic scene.

We could practice any place

October 18 was a bright sunny day and the good weather lasted for eight days. It seemed the early winter weather had been turned back for a little while. The good weather brought good conditions for us to spread Dafa in the streets. It lasted until we left Greenland. Just four days later, when I wrote this report, I received an email from my friend in Greenland telling me that it was now very cold there and the snow had fallen. This was not a coincidence.

2. Picture Exhibition in Culture Exhibition Center

On October 18, we first went to the biggest activity center -- the Culture Exhibition Center. Even though we did not make an appointment, the Director of the Center welcomed us and offered two days of exhibition space. He also promised to put out posters in the Center and contact media and broadcast activity information through the local radio station on our behalf. What a smooth start! We at once contacted another practitioner who was still back in Denmark to have him bring photographs to display. In the meanwhile we also visited the media to arrange interviews.

The photo exhibition started in the afternoon of October 18. Our exhibition was composed of two main themes: The history of Dafa spreading in China and the truth of Jiang Zemin's persecution against Dafa practitioners in China. When the Center opened its doors, many people came to look at the pictures and talked to practitioners. Almost everyone signed the appeal letters.

The Falun Dafa Photo Exhibition

We started to do an exercise demonstration. Before the end of the first exercise, many people lined up in front of us and started to follow our movements, so we started to teach them the exercises immediately.

At that moment, a reporter from a TV station came and videotaped the precious moment. The report in the event news made us known to residents. We were welcomed on the street all the time from that point on.

People learning Falun Gong exercisesSigning the appeal lettersThe local TV station interviewing practitioners

The two-day photo exhibition and exercise teaching were a huge success. We decided to extend the exhibition two more days to provide a good environment for those interested people. This time, the director of the Center offered free space to us.

Lovely children gathered around us all the time. Maybe because of their pure hearts connecting to their true nature, they were the most enthusiastic group. During those days, the children put on I support Falun Gong yellow buttons we gave them and followed us everywhere to practice with us. They remembered the exercises and we have become good friends. On the last day of the exhibition we gave our exercise music tape to the children. Only after they took down our contact information did they reluctantly leave.

Children take the exercises seriouslyFuture young practitioner