"Taipei Daily," October 29: Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian told an AP reporter, on October 26, that if he had a chance to meet Jiang Zemin, he would ask two questions. One of them is why the Falun Gong spiritual movement can be allowed to develop freely in Taiwan but not in China?

Canadian MP Mr. Irwin Cotler gave a speech during a candle vigil held by Ottawa practitioners. He pointed out that the Chinese government was suppressing Falun Gong practitioners from all aspects of basic human rights. He expressed his wish that Canada's President request Chinese authorities to stop persecuting Falun Gong.

The Denmark Falun Dafa Association was officially established on October 15, 2001.

An American citizen's letter to Congressman Rayla Hood pointed out that the Chinese government's treatment of Falun Gong is reminiscent of Hitler and the Nazis. He wanted Congressman Rayla Hood to support Resolution No.188: China stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

Radio Freedom Asia (RFA) reports: United States State Department published its annual International Religious Freedom Report. It stated that the freedom of religion and belief is deteriorating in China mainly because of its persecution of groups like Falun Gong.

The Mayor of Lebanon City in Tennessee wrote a letter to support the "SOS Global RescueWalk" and against the suppression and brutal wrongdoings of the evil persecutors of Falun Gong.


A few months ago, many students in Hainan Province found that newly purchased notebooks had "Falun Dafa is good" and "Falun Dafa is righteous" in them. It was said that these notebooks were made in a women's forced labor camp.

The truth awakens the people of Northeast China: One taxi driver said, "You (Falun Gong) people are great! Your Teacher is greater!" A worker was deceived by the propaganda and informed the police about a practitioner. The policeman reprimanded the worker and set the practitioner free right there and then.

Vice County Executive Zhang Bangliang of Rongchang County, Sichuan Province distributed truth-clarifying materials during the National Day Holidays and was arrested. He was detained in the Police Department of Chongqing City. The County Executive and Party General Secretary of Rongchang County were dismissed from their positions. A top official of Chongqing City was called to explain the incident to the authorities in Beijing.

Warning: All levels of party leaders and work unit cadres of the Northeast Normal University, don't help the evil force suppress good people. Some vicious people are: Sheng Lianxi, Kong Dehui, Zhang Shuqing, Huang Zhicheng.

One practitioner who owns a business was sentenced to two years of forced labor. His mother tried to persuade him by saying, "You have such a large property, and no one can take care of it if you are in a labor camp." The police guard said, "If you write a 'repentance' letter, we will set you free immediately." The practitioner calmly replied, "The property is nothing to me."

Suihua Forced Labor Institute of Heilongjiang province installed an ultra-violet light monitoring system to put all practitioners under 24-hour surveillance. The forced labor institute totally ignored the fact that wide exposure to ultra-violet light is harmful to one's health.

Shortly after October 1, eight vicious policemen from Jintie Police Substation of Jinzhou City, including Li Hongfeng, Xu Yong, broke into a civilian's house and took away two practitioners by force.

Practitioners Cheng Haiyan, Li Anning, and Liu Shuzhen, from Nanjing City, were treated very badly during detention in the Xuzhou Qingnian Police Substation. Liu Shuzhen was handcuffed with her hands behind her back. Then, the policemen pressed her to the ground and put a chair on top of her body, and a policeman sat on the chair.

In the evening of July 19, thirty policemen with six police vehicles from Beijing Fengtai Police Department and Majiabao Police Substation went to practitioner Zhao Guiying's house. They broke the door and arrested Zhao. Dozens of neighbors were very angry at the police's wrongdoing. Zhao spoke loudly to the surrounding people, "Falun Gong practitioners are all good people!"

Wuhai City practitioner Huang Dianping was arrested while distributing truth materials in August. After she was taken to Tangjiadun Police Substation, there has been no information about her.

In late October, practitioners detained in Xiuying Female Labor Camp in Haikou City, Hainan Province firmly refused to wear a prisoner's uniform. The labor camp officials, however, took revenge and used a villainous method to get back at practitioners, allowing them only to wear their undergarments, making them unable to receive visits from their families [because of their clothing].

Recently, the "6-10 Office" [an agency especially created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the ruling party and all other political and judiciary systems] in Hainan Province held a covert brainwashing class. The number of practitioners in each class is limited to only six or seven. They individually trap practitioners to get them into the class.

At a stand that sells fried dough sticks, a person who had ordered some said he didn't want them after they were fried. The vendor [a non-practitioner] said, "If I didn't care about xinxing [mind and heart nature, the words used in Falun Dafa cultivation], I would have fought with him for sure." People's hearts are gradually absorbing the principles of Falun Dafa.

Here is a solemn warning to people in Beijing who have enlightened along an evil path: The evil controlled Huang XX, Zhao XX, Yang XX, Gao XX, Xue XX and his wife from Dongcheng District, and Yang XX and his wife from the Xicheng District. These people lied to other practitioners. The evil rewarded Gao XX and his wife for betraying Zhang Xiaojie and Lin Chengtao, a practitioner couple.

Today, 54 people published their solemn announcements, declaring that all their words and behaviors they exhibited under pressure and that don't confirm to Dafa are invalid. They will double their efforts in making up the loss they caused to Dafa and do their best to assist Teacher in this world and eliminate all evil, until the day the Fa rectifies the human world.

Dashaping Detention Center's personnel in Lanzhou City, Ganshu Province forced Dafa practitioners and prisoners to work for a foreign investment capital corporation, "Zheng Ling" Seed Company. They had to pick seeds in winter and many people's hands were frostbitten and scratched. They had scabies, and pus and blood dripped down into the seeds. In the summer they had to bite open the seeds and peel off the hulls. This activity caused many people's teeth to fall out or become chipped and some people's entire fingernails became detached.


The brainwashing center in Hebei Province that cost 1,500,000 Yuan to build not only forbade Dafa practitioners from sleeping, they also prohibited the two co-workers who had to accompany them from their workplace to sleep. They implicated these two through "guilt by association." The practitioners' co-workers said, "So, what the Falun Gong flyers say is true!"

A practitioner in Hebei Province saw words slandering Dafa on a blackboard in front of a factory. Despite the people walking around in rush hour crowds, she immediately walked up, erased it, and posted truth clarifying materials. The head of the factory asked her, "Do you have anymore? Give me some. I want to read them."

A retired soldier, after reading Zhuan Falun, said, "Now I understand everything. Jiang Zemin should really be arrested." A leader said to a practitioner while pointing at materials attacking Dafa, "Actually, I don't believe them. I don't care what the media reported about this person and that person [of their fake stories], I only know you, and I'll only see you (believe you)." He also said, "Recently my son graduated and had been designated to work as a police officer. I asked him to choose another job."

An official at a work unit said to his former schoolmate, the director of a detention center, "Never make things hard for the Falun Gong practitioners."

The wife of a "6-10 Office" personnel revealed that they never say anything bad about Falun Gong, and that he actually quietly collected Falun Gong books. Regarding people who persecute Falun Gong and receive "awards" from the government, her husband says, "What model workers!? Their days of suffering will come!"

A supervisor of a work unit asked a practitioner, "Did you see yesterday's 'Focus Interview and Talk' show [a TV program]? You can tell some things are fake from the first glance. It says Peng Min [Dafa practitioner who died in police custody] rammed her head into the iron railings and died. Her head should be the part that's injured. So how come the corners of her eyes were purple? There are so many corrupted public officials! Instead of punishing THEM, the government just persecutes good people. This country is totally wretched."

A practitioner in America told the cultivation story of his family and relatives: after cultivation, his 70-year-old mother's white hair became black and she again had menstruation; his father had muscle spasms for forty years. It was healed after three months of cultivation; the child of one of his aunts had cirrohsis of the liver and water in his stomach (dropsy). After he learned the Buddha Fa, he recovered.

An overseas practitioner often gives truth-clarifying materials to his friend Li. Recently Li became the center of attention, he holds "news conferences" among friends on a regular basis, and explains in detail the incidents about Falun Gong and exposes the evil deeds of the government. The truth is being quickly and invisibly spread.

The truth regarding the death of Zhang Fengyun, a practitioner in Gansu Province, who was tortured and died in Xiguoyuan Labor Camp: Team leader Zhang Linlin incited the prison bullies, Xiang Lian, Dang Maiqin, Xu Ping, and others to cover Zhang Fengyun with a quilt and brutally beat her. After the beating they inserted a feeding tube into her stomach. They forcibly yanked the tube around in her stomach in order to cause her maximum pain. Zhang Fengyun died several days later.


According to Xinhua, China's official news agency, an earthquake of 6 on the Richter scale took place in Yongsheng, Binzhou, and Heqing counties of Yunnan Province, causing 400 million Yuan (Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average worker in Chinese cities is about 500 Yuan ) worth of damage. The authorities in Yunnan Province have been following Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong, illegally putting many practitioners under detention or in labor camps, where they are disabled or have even died under the severe torture.

Practitioner Kong Qinghuang from Yunnan Province was held in the Detention Center of Jianshui County for appealing in Beijing and received many inhuman tortures. On September 1, 2001, people in the 6-10 Office of the county forced him to take some "soup". After taking the "soup," Huang covered his stomach with both hands and tears rolled down from his face. He was obviously in great pain. The next day, he fell into a coma. On September 3, Huang passed away.

According to the Central News Agency, the related offices in Shandong Province revealed that on the early morning of October 28, 2001, a fishing vessel in Yantai City suddenly exploded. Six people died and there are 15 missing.

Shandong Province is one of the places where practitioners are severely persecuted. The head of the security department in Yantai City Fishing Co. once tortured practitioner Xu Chengben by pouring boiling water on his head. And he repeated that three times. Being indifferent to the fact that evil conduct towards people practicing the Buddha Law is a crime against heaven.

In Zunyi, Guizhou Province, 5 people died in a fake alcohol incident this month. Eleven were poisoned. There is no further information on the other 70 people who bought the poisonous fake alcohol.

The Women's Labor Camp in Guizhou Province uses very cruel methods to persecute practitioners. The guards force them to kneel on the cement poles outdoors in winter and tie them up with thick ropes in the burning sun for a long time in the Summer. Some practitioners were forced to bend their body 90 degrees and stay in that position for 6 days and nights. The practitioners detained there are forced to do hard labor for 18 to 20 hours a day.

The Lobar Education Institution in Panjin City, Liaoning Province has gone to extreme madness in their persecution of practitioners: they use electric batons to shock every part of a practitioner's body. And they beat them with thick clubs. They even pour boiling water over them from their heads to their feet. Many practitioners are on the verge of death under the torture.

Some of the perpetrators in Panjin City: The heads of the Lobar Education Institution in Panjin City: Zhang Shoujiang and Yi Xiuyan. The head of the supervising team: Liu Dahan (their phone numbers are omitted).

The perpetrators in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province: Zhang Xingfu (Secretary of Party Committee of the city), Zhang Chunqing (the Vice Director of the police department of the city), Lan Zhongfu (the Vice Director of the police department of the city), Yue Huiyun (the director of the police department, Yushan Branch), Wang Chunsheng (the director of a branch police department of the city), Xue Fengchun (Party Secretary of Yu'an District), Liang Yumei (director of the first office in Yu'an District), Wang Guoqi (head of the police station on Xingjian Road), Guo Youliang (Director of City Construction Bank), Li Laijin (in the police squad of Xing'an branch police department)

In mid-September, many policemen swarmed at the entrance of Harbin Railway Station, interrogating and examining passengers, and holding them up for no reason. To those who protested, they would detain them for "interfering and hindering police on duty." They strike terror in everyone's heart.


An instructor of the brainwashing class in the Textile University in Tangshan, Hebei Province Zhang A'ning is enthusiastic in coaxing practitioners to 'enlighten' along an evil path. Recently, Zhang was hanging out with someone when Zhang stretched a leg and broke the knee bone and will be handicapped for life.

Huang Shaohua in the Judiciary Bureau of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province was promoted to the position of a director for his "excellent work" in persecuting Falun Gong. He had an accident on October 3, 2001. The car was completely destroyed and he's been hospitalized for a month.

Chen Yunlong, Chief Officer of the No.3 Team in the labor camp in Suihua, Heilongjiang Province has made slanderous remarks of Falun Gong in public many times. His child hurt his leg in a car accident. He himself bumped into a tree while riding on a bicycle and hurt his face and arms.


On National Day, the evil launched a major offensive. Police from various police stations broke into Falun Gong practitioners' homes or their workplaces to arrest them. However, the evil's plot was firmly resisted by practitioners and everyday people with a conscience.

While walking home, a Russian practitioner was stopped by some fake policemen who wanted to rob him. However, he was not perturbed, and asked to see their ID. After carefully examining their ID, he calmly pointed out that they were fake. He then left. Our Dafa practitioners are the most righteous. It could only be that the evil fears us and not vice versa.

A Beijing 6-10 office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) kidnapped Dafa practitioners and sent them to a brainwashing class. However, with righteous thoughts in their minds and Teacher's protection, Dafa practitioners got out of the class two times in a row.

A practitioner in Mainland China relates his experience: It is Dafa that has saved me and pulled me out from the shadow of hopelessness in this world. After several years' practice, I have become brighter and more peaceful. With my firm belief in Dafa, and what I have experienced and learned, I can now clarify the truth to everyday people.

My mama, who is in her 80's became rejuvenated! The moment she got to know Dafa, she was captivated. She cultivated Dafa wholeheartedly. She told everyone she met that "Teacher Li cured my stubborn dermatitis that had been bothering me for 12 years in just 10 days!"


Buddha's compassion is not simply being good to certain beings. A Buddha is responsible for the truth of the universe and all the sentient beings in the cosmos. Dafa has created everything. Safeguarding Dafa is being truly good to all the sentient beings.

When one holds onto all kinds of human notions and thinks about one's personal interest, he has already lost his true self. All he has is just warped notions. Only when we truly assimilate to Dafa and exist for Dafa do we truly exist for ourselves. We will not exist if there is no Dafa.

As Dafa disciples, at this serious moment of Fa-rectification, we must remain clear-minded and be strict with ourselves. Slacking off is the same as tolerating and nurturing evil. A tiny loophole can be easily taken advantage of by the evil.

"Not cooperating with evil" is not just disobeying evil with our actions. We should also resist evil in our minds. We must never tolerate and nurture evil. Dafa disciples' assisting Teacher in the human world to rectify the Fa is also a manifestation of the Fa in the human world.

Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period should never have been arrested. We should examine ourselves to see if there was anything we had done improperly or if we had failed to meet the standard as required by Dafa when encountering danger.

Korean practitioners: start with people around us, especially our own family members, and change their warped notions. Clarify the truth every moment of our life. Never neglect our family members when we offer salvation to everyday people.


Taiwan practitioners shared their insights following their Fa-rectification endeavor in Europe: It is our honor and good fortune to be Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period. The power of righteous thoughts is really magnificent. "He Brings Forth Lofty Ideals While Minding Minor Details. (Sage)"

The Australia Radio Broadcast Station invited some Falun Gong practitioners to do a special program about Falun Gong. The program was aired on Monday night, October 29 at 8:30 . This program will be aired again this Tuesday.

The Hartford Courant (Connecticut, USA newspaper) reported on July 15 that 33-year-old Amy Lee was detained for one month last year in China. During her detention, she was brutally beaten. In addition, she was denied her right to see her little daughter. She refused to give up her belief in Falun Gong and managed to escape from China early this year.

Taiwan Dafa practitioners introduced Dafa to teachers and students at an athletic meeting of an elementary school. Practitioners in Houston introduced Dafa to professors and students at the University of Houston. Practitioners on their SOS! RescueWalk across Canada introduced Dafa to residents in small towns along the way.

SOS! Rescue Walkers across the continental US clarified the truth when they passed through the state of Tennessee. The city of Diskson in that state proclaimed October 24 as Falun Dafa Day. A Falun Gong seminar was held at the University of Tennessee.

Understandings following the SOS! RescueWalk across Europe: When Fa-rectification period's Dafa disciples break through their humanness, everyday people will respond in an extraordinary fashion and assimilate to Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance). The outcome of eliminating the evil fully depends on oneself.