Looking for an exhibition location by breaking through the blockade of old forces

The exhibition of Zhang Cuiying's paintings in Moscow was held for three days, and many local people came to visit. The most spectacular thing was that many reporters came to interview the artist every day.

When searching for a location for the painting exhibition, there was a battle between righteous and evil. Russia Falun Dafa practitioners started looking for exhibition location ten days before the exhibition. Almost every cultural or art museum declined to host the exhibition for a variety of reasons. With great difficulty, we finally found a place to hold the exhibition. However, three days before hand, the location not only declined the exhibition, but also dismissed the person who agreed to host it. All our advertisements, invitation letters, and flyers became invalid and needed to be reprinted. The local practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to break through the blockade of old forces and determined to have the exhibition smoothly held in Moscow.

There was a favorable turn once the practitioners' Xinxing improved. The Moscow Journalist Club agreed to host the exhibition and let us use the walls in the hallway and in the press conference center. It meant that only the walls could be used and the room could only be used for press conferences. At the beginning, some practitioners thought that it was not convenient, safe or appealing to have the exhibition in the hallway. However, all reporters coming here for business walked through the hallway every day. They became interested in the paintings. The practitioners handed out literature that introduced the artist and the truth of Falun Gong. During other press conferences, many reporters showed up and were able to see the paintings and interview the artist.

It was a great opportunity to spread Dafa to the press circle. During the last four days, Falun Gong and the exhibition have been reported positively twice in radio broadcasts, including a 10-minute live broadcast.

The head of a human rights organization in Russia highly praised the paintings, "Such nice traditional Chinese paintings. It is rare to see such high level Chinese art in Russia." He said to Zhang Cuiying frankly, "It has significant meaning for you to have the exhibition here to help those Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China because you are a true case of the persecution. ..." He said he would cherish the chance to hold more press conferences for Zhang Cuiying and to arrange her to meet reporters, members of parliament and figures of various parties to unveil the truth and help the Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China.

As long as we do the Fa-rectification work with righteous thought, there will be amazing unforeseen effects. We deeply understand that all of this is under the control of the Teacher.

Press conference in Moscow

Cultivation during the Fa-rectification

The veteran practitioners from St. Petersburg came to Moscow with Zhang Cuiying by train after the exhibition in St. Petersburg had concluded. They directly went to the exhibition hall to set up the paintings after their train arrived. During the last few days, they worked more than ten hours everyday. Sometimes it was already 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. when they returned to where they were staying. They kept practicing and studying the Fa everyday. The practitioners explained the unusual experience of the artist to every visitor. An elder lady said with emotion while listening, "How come? Such a nice artist, and such beautiful paintings." Many visitors not only took the truth-clarifying materials but also tried to get the Dafa books. Some visitors even asked the practitioners to teach the five-sets of exercises on the spot.

Why was there such a good effect? It is because those Moscow practitioners have improved their Xinxing and increased their consciousness to clarify the truth. There is only one local practitioner who knows Chinese. He was timid to be an interpreter at the beginning and tried to find some one else to replace him. Others pointed out seriously, "It is your responsibility. It is a chance for you to establish great virtue. Others are actively doing their work. How about you? You should make full use of your role to speak out the truth to people. It is not general work but cultivation during the Fa-rectification." He accepted the suggestions and got rid of the attachment. He is actively working as an interpreter in TV stations. His translation skills are constantly improving.

One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils

In the entrance, Zhang Cuiying's painting "Eliminating evil demons" was hungA corner of the Moscow Exhibition

In the afternoon on the fourth day, an unexpected Chinese visitor came. At the beginning she claimed that she was a student in Moscow University and later she said she was employed here after graduation. We handed a Dafa bookmark to this woman. She refused immediately, "I don't want it. I know Qigong is not good." In addition, she said she was from Changchun City, Jilin Province. Apparently she was a troublemaker. She walked back and forth and spoke to Russian visitors making slanderous remarks against Falun Gong. She asked these people not to believe or practice it. She inquired about the host of the exhibition and the master of the artist. All of us understood who was behind her being dispatched here.

The practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces behind her and asked her kindly, "Do you know about Falun Gong?" She dared not answer directly, "I am not interested in this issue." The practitioner asked, "If you are not interested, why do you say it is not good and don't want others to practice?" She found that her plot was exposed, then said, "My major is philosophy. I am not interested in Qigong. I did not say anything." The practitioners told her, "You should be responsible for what you have said. You never read Falun Gong books. How can you say it is not good? What you have done harms others as well as yourself." She left gloomily.

In order to eliminate her bad influence, the practitioners found the young man she had just deceived and explained to him how good Falun Gong is with their own experiences. At last the young man said, "The lady said it was not good, but could not say why. You say it is good with facts and reason. I trust you."