The Security Department at the Daowai District Police Station in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province has been extremely aggressive in helping Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan persecute Falun Gong. Since July 20, 1999, it has illegally arrested and imprisoned hundreds of practitioners.

Shi Shulin and Gao Ruixiang are the most savage and violent officers of the Security Department. Since July 20, 1999, Shi alone has sent more than ten practitioners to the labor camps. He and Gao have forced practitioners to give up their practice, and have extorted money from them. Openly they would fine each practitioner's family between 2,000 and 5,000 Yuan, and they also would extort the money from them privately. The more the practitioner's family gave them in private, the less their "fine" would be. Otherwise, the "fine" would increase. When families would ask Shi and Gao to release imprisoned practitioners, Shi and Gao would make it extremely difficult for them if they did not offer up more money. The families of those practitioners in poorer financial conditions would be forced to pawn their belongings; otherwise, the practitioners' labor camp confinement would be extended.

One of the practitioners that Shi illegally detained and interrogated was a practitioner named Sun Yufeng. Shi, using various implements of torture, abused Sun so severely that Sun nearly lost his life. Shi and other policemen worked together to try to force another practitioner to admit to charges that they had fabricated. They twisted his hands behind the back of his head and handcuffed him, and then forced him to bend forward until his head was touching the ground. Then, while stomping a foot onto the practitioner's back to force his head down, Shi would lift the practitioner's handcuffed hands upward. Shi repeated this action while yelling at the practitioner, trying to force him to admit to the charges. This practitioner told them: "I am a good person. Persecuting me is in reality persecuting yourselves." They would not listen and kept on torturing him until the practitioner's legs failed him, and he collapsed. Then one of the policemen grabbed this practitioner's hair with both hands and threw him against the wall. The policeman became extremely upset and demanded that the practitioner admit to the fabricated charges. But the practitioner replied that he was not guilty of anything, and that being a good person was not a crime. The practitioner always had Master's Fa in his mind. He kept reciting some of Master's articles. Eventually the power of the Fa overcame the evil. The policemen realized they were getting nowhere and just gave up.

Later Shi and Gao became more uncontrollable in their abuses of practitioners. The Daowai Police Station formed a special team to deal with practitioners, with the head of the security department, Qiu Jiang, serving as the team leader. Shi and Gao were the two most vicious members of the team. One practitioner was forcibly taken from his home by this special team, then interrogated day and night in an attempt to force him to admit to false charges. But the practitioner stared at them right in the eyes without any fear. The evil policemen were so scared facing the practitioner's powerful righteous thoughts. Gao let the practitioner go on bail after he had extorted 2,000 Yuan from his family.

We hope that all practitioners in Harbin City can constantly apply their righteous thoughts to eliminate all this evil from its lair. They should disclose their experiences of being persecuted to expose and eliminate all evil. This way the malevolent people and the law-breaking police officers alike will be punished by Heaven, and good people can be saved.