(Clearwisdom.net) One day in October I arrived at Tiananmen Square.

The flag-raising ceremony had just concluded. People were crowding around. Silently I read the Fa-rectification verse, quickly took out a prepared banner and held it over my head, silently saying to myself: "Any predestined people, please take a look at my banner. The more people I can offer salvation to, the more can be saved." Afterwards, there was serenity inside me, and my mind became empty. I did what a Dafa practitioner should do -- validate Dafa and protect Dafa during tribulations. This is the vow I once made.

Afterwards, there was something that I had never experienced or thought about. Quickly a police van drove up. An armed police officer grabbed me and forced me into the van. In the van was a young police officer, no more than twenty years old who used the most obscene and dirty language to insult a female practitioner. He even slapped her face. I felt that I was looking at a beast in human form. We arrived at the Tiananmen Police Station. There I saw the most horrible scene I had ever experienced in my life. A policeman beat this female Dafa practitioner while cursing her with obscene language. Then they forced her to have her picture taken. Five or six policemen held one female Dafa practitioner, pulled her hair and slapped her face, "Whack, whack, whack!," the sounds shocked and scared people. This young girl cried in pain. My heart became very heavy. I could not believe they were the capitol's police.

Then we were confined in a large metal cage, which could hold at most thirty people. There was a bench that could only hold four persons, but no practitioners wanted to sit there first. More and more practitioners were brought in for validating Dafa; the hand marks from being slapped were visible all over the faces of the female practitioners. Bunches of their hair was pulled from their scalps. A wicked policeman kicked a female practitioner into the metal cage. Watching the painful expression of the female practitioner, he just laughed.

The numbers of the illegally held Dafa practitioners became larger. Everyone had to sit on the chilly concrete floor. More practitioners were sent in. The loud sounds of faces being slapped were easily heard in the hallway, so a police officer closed the door.

Later I was taken to a detention center near Beijing where I experienced the evilness of Jiang Zemin's Terrorist Regime. A group of vicious police personnel interrogated me using "soft and hard" methods. I refused to tell them my address. They said that if they beat me to death, I would only become a nameless corpse, and that pouring 30 basins of cold water on me would make me tell everything.

Then they brought me into a cell. A jailer told the inmates, "Take care of him, he won't talk." After he shut the door, eight people started to beat me up, kicked my crotch area and slapped my face. They were not satisfied kicking me with their sneakers and so they changed into leather boots. They beat me as hard as they could for 6 or 7 hours, during which time they tore off my clothes and poured over thirty basins of icy cold water on my body. My cries could probably be heard across the whole detention center. Chilling cries from the beatings could be heard from female cells.

I am willing to personally testify to the above experiences.