The Huoju Police Substation in Xian District of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province illegally monitored Dafa practitioner Wang Lei's home phone and apartment. On August 19, 2001, when nine Dafa practitioners and three of Wang's relatives came to Wang's home as guests, they were arrested by more than 20 "110" emergency patrol police (Headman: Li Fu) from the City Public Security Bureau. The Xian District Public Security Bureau and Huoju Police station had worked together in making this arrest. The police beat practitioners, including one male, 13 females, and a two-year-old child, on the spot. Without any factual evidence, the police punched and arrested all practitioners, usurped more than 2000 Yuan (Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban laborer is about 500 Yuan) of their money. They forced 14 Dafa practitioners to the Xian District Public Security Bureau, and stripped them while conducting an illegal body search. For a total of 48 hours, the police offered them no food or drink, forced them to remain awake, and beat and abused them incessantly. The police then tortured them to extort confessions.

Under the shield of Director Liao of the Xian District Public Security Bureau and the police head Fa Yongnan, police Song Qinglun, Liu Wenquan, and Instructor Wen from Huoju Police Station beat Dafa practitioner Li Yingxu mercilessly until her legs lost all feeling. She was left unable to walk or stand with many bruises covering her head, face and body. The other 11 practitioners suffered similar bruises to varying degrees.

After 48 hours elapsed, without any evidence or legal procedure, police detained all of them for two months in a detention center. During that period of time, the 14 Dafa practitioners were interrogated under torture on many occasions. Among them, Wang Liyan and Li Ling (both female) once declared, "Whenever we get out of the jail, we'll sue you for your criminal behavior." The two practitioners were thus illegally sentenced to two years in a labor camp. Zhang Yan and Li Yingxu (both female) are still jailed in the Mudanjiang Detention Center (a different city than where the event happened) at the moment. The police threatened and forced the other ten to pledge not to sue them for their known violations while "enforcing" the law. The police also coerced the ten practitioners' family members into a similar arrangement, thus preventing them from taking any legal action in the future.

Those criminal police will be punished in accordance with all human laws and by those in heaven.