The following facts are what I saw and what I heard in the Changlinzi Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Please help people all over the world learn about the suffering of these practitioners.

The Changlinzi Labor Camp illegally detained about 160 practitioners from Harbin City and the regions around Harbin City. Everybody in the labor camp knew the crimes that Shi Changjing had committed against Falun Gong practitioners. Shi Changjing is the Labor Camp Chief and the chief criminal of the labor camp in persecuting the practitioners.

The illegally detained practitioners were very familiar with a saying in the labor camp, "Move them to do it, or force them to do it; otherwise, cremate them." [Note: The implication of this phrase is that if practitioners cannot be coerced or forced to give up their belief, they will be killed in the process.] When practitioners were first sent here, the labor camp used the practitioners' families to try to persuade the practitioners to give up practicing Falun Gong. The police even instigated the practitioners' families to threaten the practitioners with divorce or separation. This was the so-called "move them to do it." If this method didn't work, the labor camp then utilized a stronger policy to try to force the practitioners into renouncing Falun Gong. This was what they meant when they said, "force them to do it." The criminal Shi Changjing made a regulation that didn't allow the families of the practitioners to pay any visits or send any daily necessities to the practitioners if they refused to give up the practice. In addition, the families of the practitioners were required to answer questions forcing them to slander Falun Gong if they wanted to pay a visit to the practitioners. In the winter, Shi Changjing prolonged the "training" time [Note: usually bootcamp style drills in the exercise yard] and didn't allow practitioners to wear hats or gloves. Many practitioners got frostbite on their hands and ears due to the bitter cold. There were no regulations that applied to practitioners. Shi Changjing often forced practitioners to be thrown into solitary confinement cells [Note: these are extremely small cells that are 2 feet square and 5 feet high. Persons cannot sit down or stand up comfortably and are usually handcuffed while inside so they can neither sit nor stand.] and tortured as he wished by issuing a single order. He had practitioners' hands cuffed and hung the practitioners from the top of the metal doors so that they couldn't sleep. The longest hanging time was fifteen days. Some practitioners couldn't remain conscious after the torture. He also put pressure on each group's instructors. Some ignorant and cruel police officers took this as an opportunity to climb up the ladder by persecuting Falun Gong enthusiastically.

The labor camp had five groups. Each of them had different ways to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Group Four was the most vicious one. With the collusion of Shi Changjing, the Group Instructor Hao Wei and the Political Instructor, Wang of Group Four, cruelly tortured Falun Gong practitioners. Every day after the practitioners got up, the instructors forced them to stand against the classroom walls in the labor camp until 11 P.M. or even till 2 A.M. in the morning. Every day, they forced the practitioners to read aloud articles that slandered the founder of Falun Gong. Many practitioners were thrown into the solitary confinement cells and inhumanly tortured since they refused to read those articles. Every night, they forced six or seven practitioners to sleep together on a queen-sized bed. They didn't allow them to wash their clothes. Most of the practitioners had scabies. The malicious police shielded criminals in the cells and instigated them to insult and curse the practitioners. All the detained practitioners suffered unimaginably malicious treatments. They spent every day under unbridled cursing and humiliation. They were only given five minutes to eat or to use the bathrooms. In May of 2001, two instructors forced the practitioners to work from 5:30 A.M. to at least 10 P.M. The other groups also persecuted the practitioners in a similar way. The practitioners bore all of these persecutions with great benevolence and great forbearance. However, the labor camp returned the practitioners' decency with intensified torture.

At the end of May, the practitioners went on a hunger strike for the first time to fight for their legitimate rights. They also hoped to arouse the attention of the authority of the labor camp to their situation. However, Labor Camp Chief Shi didn't care about the practitioners at all. Two days after the hunger strike, he picked some "key" practitioners and force-fed them to make them suffer even more. Practitioner Kong Deyi (also known as Kong Xiaohai) died from the force-feeding. The labor camp then cremated him immediately. There was no investigation about who was responsible and what were the facts surrounding his unfortunate death.

The practitioners didn't give in. Starting July 3, over fifty practitioners again went on a hunger strike and requested to be unconditionally released. Shi Changjing played his old game again. He had practitioner Liu Guodong, who was in his fifties, and a few other practitioners thrown into solitary confinement cells. The practitioners illegally detained in Group Three were tortured on racks even when they had been on hunger strike for almost twenty days.

The Changlinzi Labor Camp recently built thirteen more solitary confinement cells to further persecute practitioners. Six practitioners in Group One are still on hunger strike. Two practitioners had finished their terms but were not released and their detention was extended. Practitioner Cheng Zhongxiang was detained for eight more months in the labor camp after his term ended. Now the labor camp imposed another three months on him. Practitioner Ma Yongqian had also finished his term but another three months was imposed on him as well. A few practitioners who were released also had extra terms of varying lengths imposed on them after their terms had ended.

The office phone number of the lawless criminal Shi Changjing is 0451-2037107.