During the time a Falun Dafa practitioner was illegally held in the detention center of Yitong Autonomous County, Jilin Province, he was illegally forced to make craft birds (made with stem pith, wrapped in foam; bark was used for the wings and feathers were used for the tails). It was reported that all the birds were exported overseas.

This detention center deliberately broke the law and forced prisoners and about ten illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners to work overtime. The practitioners were given no time off and it was quite normal for them to work until 1 or 2 a.m. Sometimes, they were even forced to work overnight; they were not allowed to sleep for three or four days at a time. Most of the time they were forced to do "rush work." Namely, they were forced to increase their output speed and the quantity of their production. At the same time, the director of the workshop and the group heads and technicians, all of whom are prisoners that were asked to monitor practitioners, joined their efforts in torturing practitioners. Under orders from the "disciplinarians," these people tortured the practitioners with the same tools used to craft the birds. For example, rubber hammers were used to hit the practitioners' shoulders; rattan sticks were also used to beat their heads and faces. As a result, the practitioners' heads were full of bumps and bruises.

In addition to these tools, pick stems and big planks were used to torture the practitioners. The saying went: Take your trousers off. After the first smack we'll see white, after the second red, and after the third, there'll be torn skin and open flesh. The prisoners who monitor practitioners would brutally beat up whoever either worked slowly, made mistakes, or did not follow their orders. If you refused to give your clothes or money to them when asked, you would also receive a beating. If a person was just beaten once a day, he would be considered "very lucky." Normally, the practitioners were beaten on the behind with planks two or three times every day. After they were beaten with the plank, their rear ends began to bleed. Sometimes, quite a large area of their buttocks would become black and blue. When the practitioners went to the bathroom, they sometimes even lost a large chunk of skin. Falun Gong practitioner Bao XX was illegally sent to a labor camp after he was released from this detention center. One month into his detention in the labor camp, the bruised area on his buttocks still had not recovered.