There have been many moving stories during our SOS! Global RescueWalk from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Especially unforgettable was an amicable mayor who gave us his unreserved support.

On October 12 when we reached Gilroy, a city in central California, Mayor Thomas Springer wholeheartedly received us. At the press conference in front of City Hall, Mayor Springer delivered an impromptu speech. He expressed his full support for our unselfish actions and extended the city's welcome on behalf of the citizens. In his speech, he condemned the brutal persecution against innocent Dafa practitioners who follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. He also told everyone: throughout history, dictators have never come to a good end.

Mr. Springer and practitioners in front of Freedom ShrineMayor Springer walked five blocks with practitionersPractitioners in SOS! RescueWalk

After the press conference, Mayor Springer accompanied us to visit City Hall and took a group photo with us in front of Freedom Shrine. He then walked with us for five blocks. He took another photo with practitioners before he bid farewell to us. He said if he had more time he would love to walk longer with us.