I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Mainland China. In the morning of August 22, 2001, three people came to my home and asked me to go to the police substation to fill out a form. I told them I would not go. They did not leave and repeated that it wouldn't take long to fill out the form, and that I could go home soon as I finished. I believed what they said, and went with them. They asked me about my family's address, education, age, and the number of my family members. After I answered them, I wanted to leave.

The director said: "Go? Where can you go? You will be sentenced to two years' forced labor." I said, "How come you did not mean what you said? Why did you lie to me?" They told me, "If we didn't lie to you, how would we get you to come with us?"

I understood the reason for their deception.

Teacher has said: "A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces" ("Dafa is Indestructible"). I had not followed what our Teacher told us and I took the evil too lightly. Afterwards, I even co-operated with the evil, thereby substantiating the arrangement by the evil old forces. I thought that I did not have the final say in this situation, but then I realised that I should really listen to what the Teacher told us to do. I said to Teacher in my heart: "I was wrong. I will not co-operate with them anymore. I will definitely get out of here."

The police confiscated my watch and handcuffed me to the central heating pipe. In the afternoon as they performed a physical check-up on me, I sent out righteous thoughts: "They will not finish the check-up this afternoon, and then I will have the chance to leave this place." It did so happen that they did not finish the check-up, and I was handcuffed again to the heating pipe. I said to Teacher in my heart: "Teacher, I have been thinking of going to Beijing to validate Dafa, to clarify the truth and to offer salvation to the people of the world. I should not be locked up by the evil." I sent out righteous thoughts constantly. Teacher's Law Body helped me to release my hand from the handcuff. I ran down a flight of stairs and ran out of the den of monsters. I then became homeless and had to move from place to place because I would have been rearrested had I returned to my apartment.

On September 15, I and three other Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to validate Dafa. At 12:30 pm, we went to the east side of Jinshuiqiao, and sent out the righteous thoughts: "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." All the evil left. At that time, I thought of what Teacher said: "Moreover, these evil beings are extremely base and filthy, and are not worthy of playing any role in the Fa-rectification ("The Effect of Righteous Thoughts"). "Getting arrested is not the purpose. Validating Dafa is truly glorious -- it is to validate Dafa that you step forward" ("Rationality"). "Humans aren't worthy of testing this Fa, and neither are gods. Whoever touches it commits a crime" ("Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America"). At this moment, as several foreign visitors came towards us, one practitioner unfurled his banner and we all opened ours one after another and held them high above our heads shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" "Restore the reputation of Falun Dafa!" "Restore the reputation of our Teacher!" We then moved to the west side of Jinshuiqiao, and I told another practitioner: "Let's open the banners again." Several military policemen came towards us, so we sent out righteous thoughts again: "Eradicate the old evil forces' control over them, let them go away." In just a little while, they left. Some foreign visitors came our way, and we again unfurled our banners and shouted, "Restore the reputation of Dafa, and restore the reputation of our Teacher!" "Falun Dafa is good!" "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" Then a bus came by and stopped, and we boarded the bus and safely went home. We all deeply felt the power of Dafa during this time of validating the Fa.