(Clearwisdom.net) Sun Haojie and Qu Mengchao, two male practitioners illegally detained in Baimiao Labor Camp, practiced Falun Gong exercises on the evening of October 7. That night, Chief Han and policeman Zhang of the fifth brigade shocked Sun Haojie with electric batons for over 20 minutes in the confinement room and cuffed his hands and feet together for 4 hours. Later, they carried Sun to the office of the first brigade. After hearing the report, the Party Secretary Chen, the most vicious person in the labor camp, said, "Give him a tough punishment."

On the morning of October 9, the third day of Sun's illegal detention in the confinement room, he was taken to the office of the fifth brigade, where there were 5 brigade chiefs. These ruffians closed the door and windows and cuffed Sun's hands and feet together. Three chiefs shocked him simultaneously with electric batons for 40 minutes. Sun's body was covered with wounds and bruises. He was illegally detained in the confinement room for 6 days.

Qu Mengchao started a hunger strike on the night of October 7 to protest. On the morning of October 12, four thugs shocked him with 4 electric batons for a long time in the office of the fifth brigade, which caused him a severe nosebleed. Qu was illegally detained in the confinement room for 16 days.

On October 8, male practitioners Zhao Songmao, Zhang Ming, Zhao Shucan, Shi Baoting, and Zhang Yuanheng were shocked with electric batons because they staged a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention. The mob Commissar Peng directed their torture in person in the office of the fifth brigade, where 6 or 7 chiefs brought the practitioners in, one after the other, and tortured them brutally with electric batons.

Nevertheless, "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts." [Teacher's article] How can beatings and electric batons change practitioners' firm determination toward the truth of the universe? Violent suppression can only make them more resolute.

Here, we also warn those wicked police who help the tyrant and other villains to do evil, to wake up before it's too late. Dafa practitioners don't want to see you harming yourselves out of ignorance!

List of the wicked persons:

Chen, Party Secretary of Baimiao Labor Camp

Peng Jianguo, Commissar of Baimiao Labor Camp

Han Hongtao, Deputy Political Instructor of the Fifth Brigade (he is the most vicious one), Tel: (86) 1300 762 7599

Policemen Zhang xx, Yu xx, Gao xx

Baimiao Labor Camp Tel: (86) 371 3831 209