(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners detained at the Xishan Labor Camp in Tonghua city, carried out a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and to resist the forced intensive labor. Because of the protest, the head of the inmates in the cell was unable to get his term shortened. Under the tacit permission and encouragement from above, he, along with other inmate accomplices, threatened practitioners. Therefore, starting from October 1, 2001, practitioners have refused to go back to the cell and have slept on the cement floors at the labor camp instead. On October 11, the officials deceived the practitioners into believing that the labor camp would separate practitioners and those inmates if they go back to the cell. But it turned out that the labor camp still used inmates to monitor practitioners.

At around 6:45 p.m. on October 11, more than ten policemen led by Zhang Ping, the head of the labor camp (also is the deputy president of the Judiciary Bureau) and Mao Deshun, the secretary of political department, dragged practitioner Gai Yongguang (simply because he was suspected of being the initiator of the hunger strike) out and beat him up. At that time, five practitioners were at the scene and they were Yin Dejun, Zhang Jingbo, Hao Weizhan, Li Jingyi and Wang Yonghe. Upon witnessing this, they asked why they beat him up. The vicious evil thug Zhang Ping did not allow practitioners to speak. He himself started beating up those five practitioners. Furthermore, he incited other police to do the same by saying: " Beat all of them up (referring to the five practitioners and Gai Yongguang) until they die. I will take the responsibility if they die." While beating, he cursed dirty words. They brutally beat up practitioners for about 50 minutes, during which some practitioners in the cell tried to get out and stop this but were stopped by the police and inmates. The evil Zhang Ping shouted the order to arrest whoever came out. After the violent beating, practitioner Yin Dejun lost control of his bowels and asked to change clothes. Zhang Ping ruthlessly refused. In addition, he put practitioners Yin Dejun, Gai Yongguang and Wang Yonghe into a small cell. On the second day, all practitioners at the labor camp started a hunger strike to protest the violence toward practitioners. As a result, some practitioners were again thrown into a small cell and the torture is still going on....

It is well known that Dafa practitioners are moral and noble people. Do they have to suffer this mistreatment simply because they told the truth? We do not know where the humanity and human rights are in this country. Where are the virtue and justice of law? This is really the disaster and sadness of our country that has 5000 years of history.

Please wake up, all kind-hearted people. For the eternity of your life, please know the truth of Falun Gong. We are happy to see that you are finally rid of the misunderstanding toward Dafa, and you can escape the control of lies, and start respecting Dafa and the universal principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance."