Today is the third day of Zhang Cuiying Painting Exhibition in Russia. We have put out information to general public that the artist will have an on-site demonstration and explanation, and many people came to visit the exhibition. It has been proved to be a good approach to Hongfa and clarify the truth.

Zhang Cuiying painted a self-portrait of meditation beside a lotus pond for a large crowd of visitors. While she was painting she explained the characteristics of Falun Dafa. Then she wrote a poem on the painting, "Falun Dafa is good; Cultivating Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance; Falun Dafa saved me, Gratitude to Teacher is unforgettable." Through this poem, she further told the visitors about the changes in her mind and body since she started practicing Falun Dafa, and shared with them the 8-month ordeal she experienced while detained in China just because she voiced Falun Dafa is good. Upon hearing her words, people were all deeply touched.

A continuous stream of people visited the exhibition. Many people said they had a special feeling once they came into the exhibition hall. Some commended that every painting was so benevolent and smiling at them. Some said they could feel the energy that emanated from the paintings. Some wondered why the exhibition hall made them feel so comfortable that when they finished viewing the paintings they were reluctant to leave. Many asked what kind of force could make an artist paint such beautiful paintings. Certainly we all know that all those are due to the mighty power of Dafa: the paintings were draw by a Dafa practitioner, and there were many practitioners spreading Dafa and clarifying truth and demonstrating the exercises at the exhibition. The energy field was very strong and powerful. Buddha's light illuminates everywhere and rectifies anything unrighteous.

Zhang Cuiying is painting a self-portrait for visitors Visitors line up signing the appeal letter Visitors are watching the exercise video and learning the Dafa exercises
The painting exhibition draws a huge crowd

Practitioners are teaching Dafa exercises to visitors

In the morning a teacher with a group of students from the Eastern Art Center came to the exhibition. After their visit, the teacher invited us to demonstrate the Dafa exercises at the art center.

One elderly lady wanted to purchase two paintings, but unfortunately one of the paintings only had one left. The practitioner wanted to check with the artist whether the painting was available for sale. To the practitioner's surprise, the lady said anxiously that she was going to have a big operation and she felt this painting would help her overcome a tough time. The practitioner was very moved. Maybe the lady felt the energy field from the painting painted by Dafa practitioner.

One old painter came to the exhibition after seeing the exhibition advertisement. He went through the exhibition many times and asked many questions. In the end he commended, "Zhang Cuiying's paintings represent benevolence and are very pure. The paintings can purge the unrighteous. The reason that Zhang Cuiying is holding the painting exhibition is to cleanse Europe." He hoped that Zhang Cuiying could stay for several more days so he could get more young people to come to feel the atmosphere of benevolence, so to save the younger generation whose moral values are degenerating.

Visitors all got the SOS newspaper. Many of them also signed their names on the appeal letter. Since there were so many visitors and practitioners were all busying in introducing Dafa and clarifying truth to the visitors, no practitioner manned the table. However quite often people lined up at the table and signed the letter voluntarily.

We appreciated the excellent opportunity this exhibition offered. Through the exhibition, we realized even more the responsibility and urgency to offer salvation to sentient beings.