Under the banner of "Education, Conversion, and Salvation," perpetrators of evil in the Masanjia Labor Camp, smiles on their faces, spoon-feed a former practitioner who betrayed Falun Dafa on television, while on the other hand they use all kinds of cruel methods to torture those refusing to give up their practice of Falun Dafa. The following is the account of several practitioners who recently got out of Masanjia.

For the earliest groups of practitioners arriving for detention in the camp, those who remain steadfast in their practice have all received brutal physical torture regardless of their age.

Take practitioner Liu Fengmei (female from Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province) as an example. She was employed at the Nu'erhe Textile Co. of Jinzhou City. Having observed her practice Falun Gong in the labor camp, a guard forced her to strip off her clothes and stand outside in the snow wearing only her underwear. She was almost frozen when they finally took her back inside. They asked whether she was going to practice again. She said, "Yes!" The guard called over another person. Each of them (both female) used electric batons to shock sensitive parts of Liu's body. Seeing that Liu was shaking from the shocks, they sat on her thighs to stop her from shaking and continued with the electric shock torture for over 2 hours.

An officer-in-charge by the name of Zhang (in Group 2 of Team 3 in No.1 Women's Section) summoned practitioner Zhang Huishuang (female, Benxi, Liaoning Province) to the office every morning. She was brutally slapped on the face and tortured with an electric baton. The officer-in-charge has been beating and torturing her for more than a month this way. Zhang Huishuang's weight has dropped abruptly, from 130 to 90 pounds.

Practitioner Chen Yanli (female) is from Dalian City, Liaoning Province. For continuing to practice Falun Gong exercises while in the labor camp, the officer-in-charge ordered several inmates to beat and kick her. Her face has been seriously injured and her eyesight and hearing have been damaged. She remains unable to see or hear well.

Physical torture is commonly applied to those among the first groups of practitioners to be detained in the camp. The tortures used are truly cruel and severe. For more recent arrivals to the camp, the police do not use the electric baton openly. Rather, they use covert methods and carry out the torture in places away from others.

Practitioners refusing to renounce and therefore betray Falun Dafa are denied sleep and/or shut-up in isolated compartments or solitary confinement. They also handcuff practitioners and cruelly hang them up by the cuffs or force them to squat painfully for long hours. Practitioner Jia Naizhi (female from Fushun, Liaoning Province) was hung up for half a month. Her whole body was swollen. Seeing that she was about to die and fearing having to bear such a responsibility, the labor camp officials made up an excuse and set her free.

In April 2001, steadfast practitioners asked to appeal to higher authorities but the labor camp authorities did not respond to their request. Some practitioners wrote appeals during rest times in the evening, hoping that their written appeals would be handed to higher authorities. However, camp authorities said that the practitioners don't have a right to appeal and in fact, since they refuse to give up their practice, their labor camp sentences are to be extended.

The practitioners are innocent people following the principles of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance," yet they are being detained and persecuted in their cells. The treatment they receive is worse than that received by a convict waiting for execution. How can good people be treated like that?

On April 5, over 20 female practitioners (myself included) started a hunger strike and refused to do forced-labor. On April 7, we were detained separately. Practitioner Liu Fengmei, Xie Baofeng, Dong Guixia, Wang Manli, Tian Li, and I were forced to stay with a group of hard-core criminals (those who repeatedly commit crimes). The guards intended to break our will but their efforts were to no avail. After a discussion with them, they promised to give us a chance to appeal. Practitioner Dong Guixia suggested that we not eat until receiving a reply to our appeal. For her suggestion, the chief police officer shocked her with electric batons for quite a long time. As a result, her mouth was covered with blisters. Refusing to eat one day at mealtime, the guards used two electric batons to torture practitioner Wang Manli right in front of three chief officers. Wang was on a hunger strike for over 20 days, her younger sister 70 days. When the news reached the Justice Department of Liaoning Province, the department was under pressure, so they sent a signal to the labor camp.

The police in the labor camp gave lip service to the practitioners right to appeal, promising a reply in a week. The kind-hearted practitioners believed their lies, but a month passed and there was no reply.

The practitioners begin anew their process of the Fa-rectification. They do not follow the directions or the demands of the evil any more. A great number of practitioners have begun a hunger strike. Some of them firmly oppose force-feeding. Practitioners who have given up their attachment to life and death and have safeguarded Falun Dafa with their lives finally get out of the Masanjia Labor Camp. Following in the wake of practitioners Jia Naizhi, Zou Guirong, Huang Guirong, Qu Cailing, and Li Jinghua, one group of practitioners after another have defeated the evil and got out of the Masanjia Labor Camp with dignity.

Walking through the tempest, the practitioners are maturing on their journey to consummation. It won't be long until the evil is completely eliminated.

October 29, 2001