(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners who are illegally imprisoned in the Fuxin City Labor Camp of Liaoning Province, have suffered inhuman torture and abuse. The police officers and prison guards in Team 2 on a daily basis force Dafa practitioners to do hard labor, such as loading cargo onto trains. They also frequently punish practitioners with the something call the "rope torture" [Note: tying people up with thin rope that goes around their neck and ties their hands which are bound behind their back]. They often use shovels to hit practitioners' heads, shoulders and backs.

Male practitioners Gao Wenzhi and Tian Xiaoyuan wrote a letter to the labor camp director reporting these illegal acts committed by prison guards. But the letter was confiscated before it could be sent. The guards beat these two men badly. Tian Xiaoyuan's legs were so badly injured that he could not walk for half a month. Despite the torture that left Gao Wenzhi's chest and teeth badly injured, as punishment police forced him to perform long-lasting hard labor.

Prison authorities, by using brutality, forced the practitioners to give up cultivation. They once herded practitioners Lu Dawei, Gong Yanming, Wang Yueming, Shang Yingkun, Du Faming, and Lu Tao into a utility room on a construction site and began to physically attack them. The prison guards used electrical batons and shovel handles to beat the practitioners. On some occasions, several people would beat up one practitioner. Sometimes, they used two electrical batons to shock one practitioner.

Deputy Director Xin personally organized the torture. Section chiefs from the Disciplinary Section and Education Section took the lead in the beatings. Four to five policemen in Team 2 joined in the torture.

Policewomen are equally vicious when forcing female Dafa practitioners to give up their cultivation. They brutally tortured Dafa practitioners by depriving them of sleep for several nights and forcing them to work as usual during the day.

During a building renovation where women are detained, the men were sent to a building to demolish the restroom. I personally saw a female Dafa practitioner sitting on the floor with her arms tied from behind. Nearby on a bed sat a female guard with an electric baton in her hand, watching the practitioner.

Data practitioners do not have any right to freely send or receive mail in this camp, nor is there any privacy. Prison guards often conduct body searches and go through practitioners' luggage, belongings and mail. There are no weekends or holidays here.

We appeal to kind-hearted people from all walks of life to pay attention to these crimes, and to do whatever you can to pledge your support to the practitioners who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance."