(Clearwisdom.net) From our information source we learned that Chongqing City Dafa practitioner Mo Shuijin [gender unknown, most likely to male from the name] was tortured to death. Local police had illegally detained Mo Shuijin. When the practitioner was in police custody, he kept coughing blood for over 70 days. However, the police refused to release Mo Shuijin. He was not released until he had only a breath left, could no longer talk and could not open his eyes, and the hospital concluded after making a diagnosis that he had lung cancer. Fearing that Mo Shuijin might die in their hands, the police finally sent the practitioner home. Two weeks later, Mo Shuijin died at home. This is another blood debt owed by Jiang Zemin's regime in its persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. The details of the case are under investigation.