Practitioners in Toronto have been intensively clarifying the truth to people in Chinatown and tourist spots for over six months now. While clarifying the truth to Chinese people, we put up posters, pass out flyers, broadcast on street corners, and play televisions, etc. We feel that people who still possess kind hearts will understand Dafa and its practitioners correctly, through the practitioners' efforts to clarify the truth.

1. Clarifying the Truth in Chinatown

In Toronto's Chinatown, during the busiest hours of the day, you can always see Dafa practitioners on street corners putting up truth clarifying posters, and passing out truthful materials.

On the street corners, we meet different kinds of people every day. The righteous thoughts and actions of the practitioners are changing their whole environment, and people are gradually learning the truth. A middle-aged man told us: "I really admire Falun Gong practitioners. I believe that with firmness, and because you do not fear life-and-death, your clearheaded understanding is very powerful in persisting in demanding justice, and your actions cannot be compared to any religion or organization. Perhaps I don't understand Falun Gong that much; but I am really moved by your spirit." He also said: "I am not rich, but I am willing to donate a few hundred dollars to support you." The practitioners politely declined, and told him that the biggest support he could give Falun Dafa was to get a better understanding of Falun Dafa, and to tell the truth of Falun Dafa to the people around him.

At the beginning, a few old local Chinese people, because they were influenced by the Chinese government's evil propaganda, misunderstood us deeply. But, after six months of clarifying the truth, they all changed. Now, every time they walk onto the street, they wave to us practitioners with a smile. A Chinese person in his 70s, after his changeover, would come to us and read the information to get a better understanding of Falun Dafa. He said to us practitioners: "I see you out here every day working very hard, so I'm going to treat you to a meal." An old woman would send us a cup of tea sometimes. Looking at the changes in people's hearts, we are sincerely very happy for these kind-hearted people coming to learn about Dafa.

We also frequently come across Chinese delegations. When practitioners meet those delegates who refuse to take Dafa flyers, the practitioners on the spot would spend a few minutes telling them the truth about Dafa. They would illustrate how cruelly Dafa is persecuted in Mainland China, but in other countries, Dafa is praised and honored for its benevolence, and high moral standards. We could tell that at least a few of them were listening. This is very important in tourist sites. We met a Chinese delegate who said: "Falun Gong, we have already seen it in America and Europe." ....... Dafa practitioners are one body, and this one body with compassion, and righteous power, is changing everything.

2. Clarifying the Truth at Tourist Spots

Toronto Dafa practitioners persist in clarifying the truth at tourist spots. In many popular tourist spots, we have established practice sites. The scene of peace influences people from different countries, different ethnicities, and different languages when they visit these sites. Many Chinese people and Chinese delegations also come. During the clarifying the truth, people's hearts are being touched.

There have been comparatively more difficulties clarifying the truth to the Chinese delegates. Many had been completely deceived by the lies, and what they said was all from the evil propaganda.

As the course of Fa-rectification is quickly advancing, and as the practitioners are making unremitting efforts, the evil in other dimensions are quickly being cleaned up and eradicated in the Fa-rectification. People are gradually becoming more clear-headed, and the environment is beginning to change.

Lately, Chinese delegates have also been changing. Despite being deeply deceived by lies, the inner change of these Chinese visitors can be seen while the practitioners with the benevolent mind tell them the truth.

One day, we met a team of Chinese delegates. When a practitioner explained to them about the principle of "good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil returns" and about the brutal persecution in Mainland China, all of them would not listen at all. This practitioner felt bad and started to cry. When this practitioner saw that the delegates were about to leave in a bus, she yelled at the bus: "When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound. When a society does not value virtue, the society won't prosper. If people do not value virtue, people will pay the penalty..." The practitioner said these words, crying at the same time. Then, a young man stepped out of the bus and said to give him a book and a CD. The practitioner, in tears, told them that we just wanted them to know the truth, and that it would be good for their lives...

During a summer vacation period, we met many students from Mainland China. One day, a full bus of students came. The teacher was telling his students not to talk with us. One practitioner walked up and said: "Because they are all kids, you should tell them to pay attention to how important morals are." The practitioner went on and said: "When I was in China, I was also a teacher. When I see that today's kids are like this, my heart aches. Human beings will have hope if they pay attention to morals." The teacher started listening to what the practitioner had to say and the students gathered around to listen. The practitioner said: "As a teacher, you should tell your students to be good kids. As a teacher, you should help the children." Then, the practitioner started talking about the cruel persecution on Falun Dafa, and told them that Falun Dafa is good...soon the teacher came down to ask for the Dafa materials. The practitioners saw that the hearts of the students had started to change.

One official in a Chinese delegation told us: "I can't take your flyer. If I do, when I return, it'll be over for me. But, can I take a picture of you guys?" Seeing his outpouring of sincerity, we held up the proclamation stating that Canada Honors Falun Dafa, and let him take our picture. We told him to spread the truth of Falun Dafa to his friends and relatives, which was the best thing for them.

Dafa disciples, let us work together, grasp every single minute and second, and tell the truth of Falun Dafa to even more Chinese people!