After the article "Explaining the Last Three Stanzas of the Plum Blossom Poem" was published, in many fellow practitioners' minds, "when winter leaves and spring arrives" has become a synonym for "the Fa rectification of the human world" or "the great disclosure of the truth." The hope for a specific day on which the ending will fall is creeping into the minds of some practitioners.

This has made me recall a few episodes in October 1999 and March 2000. At that time, while safeguarding the Fa in the midst of overwhelming hardships, some practitioners guessed at the number of days left in the persecution. However, after the day thought to be the grand finale came and went, the persecution did not stop but instead escalated. This brought about an abrupt psychological change in those practitioners. All of sudden, their fearlessness turned into pessimism. More dangerously, some were even interfered with by thought karma or external elements. They took a step backward and returned to the mindset of studying the Fa and practicing at home, hoping the completion of the Fa rectification would arrive suddenly on its own while they waited. Obviously, they took an erroneous path that strayed away from Dafa. This happened because they were hanging on to human attachments and lacking resolve for the Fa rectification.

Mankind has entered into the 21st century, and this time of Fa rectification is very precious. Everything we have, from the time to the environment, has been created and allowed to exist and continue for the purpose of Fa rectification.

The historic moment when the Fa rectifies the human world may be very close, yet it may also be very far away. Everything has been arranged for what is required during the Fa rectification, for the ultimate happiness of all sentient beings and for the bright future of the new universe. Everything is under the control of Teacher. It is apparent that there is not much time remaining. However, we should not be concerned about whether the time remaining is measured in seconds or years. Otherwise, it would leave us with an attachment that is difficult to eliminate, one that could be taken advantage of by old forces to impede the progress of Fa rectification. As Dafa practitioners, all we need to do is to let go of every human attachment and notion, making the most out of our time to do what is required of us during Fa rectification rationally, wisely and selflessly. If we can truly let go of all of our human attachments, regardless of when the time will come for the Fa to rectify the human world, it will then be a truly perfect ending as well as an ideal beginning.