One practitioner outside China often comes in contact with overseas Chinese people because of work. Many of these overseas Chinese have thoughts that are quite righteous.

"Falun Gong, I want to learn."

One day, when the practitioner gave truth-clarifying literature to one overseas Chinese person, before the practitioner had a chance to explain to him about the material, this overseas Chinese person said, "Falun Gong, I want to learn. I want to learn. Do you know where such class is offered? Jiang Zemin is outrageous. These practitioners only want to practice Qigong, improve their health and strengthen their bodies. They don't want to overthrow the government, how can Jiang treat them like that?" The practitioner lent him his own copy of the book Zhuan Falun. This Chinese person said he would definitely read it all.

"All bad things are done by people from the top"

On another day, the practitioner gave truth-clarifying material to the owner of one local Chinese restaurant, who put the material into his pocket without looking at it. A few days later, the practitioner met him and his wife. As soon as they saw the practitioner, his wife said, "I have read the whole booklet you gave us. How can the Chinese government be so brutal?" when the practitioner further told her how police had persecuted Dafa practitioners, she said immediately, "Police themselves are not that vicious. The really bad things came from the 'top.' When can you give me some Falun Gong materials? I would like to learn."