(Clearwisdom.net) Before the summer break, upon hearing that the evil forces were to hold brainwashing classes, my spouse and I did not want to wait to be seized and decided to leave our hometown. Thus, after a brief discussion, several of us packed up quickly and left. Just before we left, I called in another practitioner and briefed him about the situation. When he learned about our departure, he looked very sad. At that moment, my heart was a little moved and a kind of human sentiment affected me. Suddenly I felt very reluctant to lose this living environment, thus a sense of sadness was aroused. At that time I was very clear what was functioning in my mind was sentimentality, not my true self. But my main consciousness did not dominate.

After drifting around for a while, I frequently made inquiries back to see whether the class was held and if they were looking for me. Afterwards, as I learned that nothing actually had happened, I returned home. Having wandered outside for so long, it seemed home was now even more pleasant and comfortable. In retrospect, when we left home, almost no one was in a good cultivation state. Because a few practitioners who had performed pretty well in the past ended up enlightened along the evil path after being illegally locked in the local labor camp, I turned fearful of the evil brainwashing, and thought that by leaving home I could find myself some buffer time to study the Fa and elevate myself so as to overcome it. My action thus was not based on the Fa principles. Therefore, after I returned home and saw no trouble, I even felt my original action was funny. Remembering that my fellow practitioner reminded me of bringing some thick clothes (in preparation for the winter), I even felt his concern was unnecessary.

Later, I heard again that the brainwashing class was to be held. Then I stepped up efforts to eliminate the evil, hoping that by eliminating the evil, such things would never take place. Locally there used to be several practitioners. Since half of them were away from their homes and only one stayed, the brainwashing class failed. Feeling lucky, I thought, "The class was aborted because only he stayed. It may not be held either for the remaining half of us. Moreover, my child needs to go to school. This time I will not go and let's see what will happen." After school began, and seeing nothing happening, I again relaxed. At the same time, I also mobilized other practitioners: Come back, it's all right. My spouse got into a habit of carrying some money, so that in case the class was to be held, he could run away. One day, when I came home, a phone call informed me that my spouse had gone to "study." Upon hearing the news, I was shocked and felt the seriousness of the matter. Then I hurriedly notified other practitioners by telephone and asked them to send forth righteous thoughts to help my spouse get out of the devil's lair. Feeling "lucky," and the mentality of pursuing comfort had been taken advantage of by the demons. In addition, my thoughts also left an opening to the evil: "If the class was to be held, ..." Several days later, with Teacher's help and with other practitioners' assistance, my spouse got out of there with a righteous mind. Now he has become destitute and homeless. Afterwards, I also left home. I did not feel much difference in the beginning, but later on I became restless wherever I stayed. The lack of understanding from people around me made me very uneasy. Once, I went back home to fetch some things. Being at home, I felt so reluctant to leave again and to go back to the roaming life. When I went back the second time, I felt so miserable that tears almost fell from my eyes. I believed this was the only place that accepted me and freed me from the pain of drifting around. Nevertheless, I had no choice so eventually I walked away.

Later we had a fixed residence. At that time I was still seeking the feeling of being at home. I knew this was a strong pursuit of a comfortable life, so I tried to get rid of it by intentionally increasing the study of Fa and eliminating the evil. As Dafa became more dignified and magnificent in my heart, I felt, for the moment, my sentiments for a home turned into compassion. The next time I went back, what I felt in the past was totally gone. When the time came that we had to move out of our residence again, I suddenly realized that I had a weaker and weaker concept of home. By then, a former schoolmate introduced me to a job elsewhere. With no hesitation, I joyfully accepted it, because I no longer felt the bondage of home. At that moment, I felt like a monk leading a wandering life, feeling at home no matter where I went. My heart was filled with the joy and peace that only Dafa cultivators can experience. Dafa creates everything in the universe. Regardless where I go, I am always a particle within Dafa. At that time, I suddenly understood what teacher said in Zhuan Falun: "It has been said: 'When I come to this ordinary human society, it's just like checking into a hotel for a few days. Then I leave in a hurry.' Some people are just obsessed with this place and have forgotten their own homes." In this human world, we do not have our genuine home. This is just like a hotel. At the same time, I became enlightened that a person's so-called home is simply a setting that binds him with family sentimentality and a comfortable life.

Looking back, I noticed that some practitioners around me and some reported on the Internet were taken advantage of by the demons because they could not give up this pursuit. Thus, their tribulations were enlarged and some of them even went to the opposite side. For example, after wandering out of town for a period of time, practitioner A returned home, and said with deep feeling, "It's really nice to be home." Moreover, he looked much older than before, tired, thin and pale. I said to him: "You are not in diligent cultivation." He answered: "No, I am not." I told him they were holding the brainwashing class, and suggested that he leave. Having just come back, he hesitated. Later, I learned that a tumor was found growing in his body, and he was planning to go to the hospital. At that time, I remembered what Teacher said: "If during the evil's persecution a Dafa disciple doesn't do well or slacks off, it's very possible all his previous efforts will have been for nothing."

After practitioner B ran away from the brainwashing class, he felt upset while drifting about outside, and frequently made phone calls back to inquire about the attitude of his work unit. It obviously implied that if the work unit were friendly, he would go home. At that time, his wife (not a practitioner) was living alone with his child. Because he could not give up the attachment to home, and he had a strong pursuit of comfort, he did not want to drift around outside. Finally he went back, but was sent to the brainwashing class again. Now, he has also taken a stand apart from Dafa. This is something real that has occurred around me. I felt very distressed, for Dafa as well as for the fellow practitioners. At the same time, I also felt the seriousness of cultivation. The Buddha's greatness allows no mixing of the least bit of human sentiment and human notions.

Also, after a practitioner left home, he felt he had lost the old environment and sources of information. So, he went back later, but he was forced to leave home again because his spouse led people to seize him for the brainwashing class. There were also practitioners who asked me: Since you are all gone, how shall we communicate? Teacher said: "So in clarifying the truth, don't wait, don't rely on others, and don't just hope for changes in external factors. Every one of us is creating history for the future" (To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference), and "If you are still unclear about what Fa-rectification disciples are, you won't be able to step forward in the current tribulation, and you will be led by the human world's pursuit of comfort to "enlighten" along an evil path." (Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples)

Also, in the face of persecution, some practitioners fell into a dilemma about whether to leave home or stay. I personally believe that whether to leave or not is only a matter of formality. What is important is whether the action taken is based on the Fa principle, and whether the practitioner can face up to his own attachments and remove them.

By sharing this article, I hope other practitioners can take the warning and quickly discover any loopholes, so that the evils will have no opportunity to exploit.

If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.