At 11 a.m. October 20, 2001, I and six other practitioners ranging from 10 to 62 years of age departed the Guangzhou railway station bound for Beijing to rectify the Fa. On the train, we clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to whomever we could. Every hour on the hour we sent forth the righteous thought that our going to Beijing to rectify the Fa is the most righteous thing to do, that we will not allow the evil to interfere with us, that we are to arrive in Beijing without interference, rectify the Fa in Tiananmen Square and return safely. These were our firm and righteous thoughts.

Before the train pulled into the station, we made sure we were well groomed and put on our best clothes as if we were celebrating a festival, since this was to be the most memorable day of our lives. We arrived at the Beijing West Station at 10:35 a.m. on October 21. There were numerous security checkpoints where passengers were asked for identification. We were not afraid and passed the checkpoints without any problems. We went straight to Tiananmen Square, arriving around 11:30 a.m. We walked around and noticed that few people were in the square, scattered widely with the police watching very closely. We decided to go to the Jinshui Bridge. When we came out of the underpass, we found more people, including many foreign tourists passing by, and that the police were farther away. The conditions were ideal for us, so we kept our eyes on this spot. A group of about 60 tourists walked toward us. We immediately unfurled the banner we had prepared and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is the righteous way," "Restore the reputation of our Teacher." We felt our power, that could make the heaven and earth shake when we shouted. We were so focused on what we were supposed to do that we completely forgot what fear was. The tourists slowed down their steps and looked our way. Even after they had passed us, they still turned around to look. Some of them smiled at us. After we completed our task, we folded up our banner and moved on.

Two of us returned to our homes in northern China to continue to rectify the Fa while one stayed in Beijing planning to rectify the Fa again on October 25, 2001, the Double Ninth Festival. (Note: Chinese people traditionally remember the dead in their family on the ninth day of the ninth month according to the lunar calendar by going to a higher place such as mountains). The rest of us were able to get sleeper train tickets for the same day and arrived in Guangzhou at noon on October 22. We had a pretty amazing experience purchasing the tickets. People ahead of us in line couldn't get tickets for the sleeper train, told that it was sold out. Some had even waited in Beijing for three days for these tickets to become available, yet still had no success. When it was our turn, the ticket agent told us that she had just checked and that sleeper tickets were not available. We kindly asked her to please check again, so she checked on the computer and found that indeed there were some available. She asked how many we needed, so we said four. She found that there happened to be exactly four tickets available. After these tickets were sold, there would be no more. She was a little embarrassed and said, "Some people might have just returned those tickets." We knew it was our Teacher looking after us.