The chief of the Disciplinary Department, Xu Hengji, repeatedly punched and kicked female Falun Dafa practitioner Cheng Xiuchuen from Yichuen, because Cheng continued to practice the Falun Dafa exercises. Cheng therefore suffered a fractured rib on her left ribcage. When the doctor evaluated her in the hospital and knew that she was a Falun Gong practitioner, he purposely wrote "right chest" instead of left chest and "no abnormality observed." Cheng let several female guards palpate the broken rib protruding out after she came back from the hospital.

On March 23, 2000, many practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest against their persecution. On the fifth day, they were force fed with highly concentrated salt water [Note: a thick sludge like mixture of mostly salt and a little water] until their stomachs were full. Meng Qingmin, a female practitioner from Shangzhi County, Harbin City, was already very weak. Guard Yu Dalong then punched her in the head whilst other police force fed her with highly concentrated salt water, that caused her to pass out immediately. The police feared that she might die and therefore they sent her to the hospital. She gained consciousness after two hours of resuscitation. Guard Yu beat the practitioners the most while they were on their hunger strike. He would grab their hair and punch their heads. He beat practitioner Song Xiuyun (female) from Shuangyashan so forcefully that he fractured her arm. Song has now become permanently disabled due to the bone healing in a deformed state as the bone was not reset in time. Fu Lihua, a female practitioner was also beaten many times.

Zhang Liping, a female practitioner from Qitaihe, was repeatedly shocked on her face by electric batons and therefore developed big blisters. The police (male) shocked female practitioner Ren Shuxian from Nancha four times, slapped her, and pinched the flesh her cheeks with all of his strength. She could feel the muscle tearing away from her cheekbone, and more than two weeks later, her face was still painful and swollen. The police said that this thin woman did not appear to resist the beatings. Because of practicing the exercises, police woman Sun Limin punched, kicked, and shocked female practitioner Ren Shuxian, from Nancha and police Jiang Jianan viciously beat female practitioner Gao Qinghua from Hengtoushan. Female practitioner Guo Hongxia from Shuangyashan refused to eat and thus she was sent to the medical station and there she received nine forceful injections.

Practitioner Wang He from Shuangyashan and practitioner Yichun from Zheng Hongnian were shackled to beds consecutively for more than 15 days. Zheng Hongjun and five other practitioners had feeding tubes left in their noses consecutively for more than 72 hours and they were also tied to beds without any covers. They had to urinate or excrete inside their pants. Female practitioner Zhang Liping and four other practitioners refused to be fed the highly concentrated salt water. They therefore tried to knock themselves out by throwing themselves against the wall in order to protest. Yet the police still force fed them. Female practitioner Wang Yuhong possessed a Falun Dafa book and she struggled to hold on to it when the police found it and tried to take it away. She was then tied to a bed consecutively for nearly half a month with her hands cuffed to the head of the bed. The head of the 7th Middle Team, Zhang Xiaodan slapped practitioner Yao Yuan more than ten times and brutally beat the other practitioners. Zheng, a head of a prison team, slapped practitioner Zhang Yan for not eating.

In April 2000, several practitioners did the Falun Gong exercises in a group. Therefore the practitioners were ruthlessly beaten. Xu Hengji (male) beat female practitioner Li Rixiu until his electric baton broke, and he also ruthlessly kicked female practitioner Lin Xiuru causing her to cry miserably. Xu said in front of more than twenty practitioners, "there are instructions and quotas from the central government. It is OK to kill one or two (practitioners). It will be counted as suicide." Xu said that female practitioner Wu Yuli led the group practice and therefore Xu slapped her and made her sit on a hard brick made floor for more than 3 hours. Other practitioners were punished by being forced to sit on the cold brick floor for one day. Their bodies turned ice-cold at night.

Policewoman Zhou Jiahui tied female practitioner Xu Guihua to an iron chair for one whole day despite the fact that she was ill. Zhou also extorted lots of money from Falun Dafa practitioners using the prison store. For instance, female practitioner Ren Shuxian gave Zhou 100 Yuan and only spent 60 Yuan to buy goods and therefore she should have around 40 Yuan as change. Yet Zhou told her that she still owed more than 30 Yuan. Almost every practitioner experienced this kind of situation. Whoever spoke out by saying that he/she did not spend that much would only receive ruthless cursing.

Policewoman Gong Chunbo, who is the head of the Restriction Team that is in charge of the practitioners who were most firm in their practice of Falun Gong, often beat practitioners. She beat practitioners almost every day and whenever she saw them doing the exercises.

We hope that all of the kind people in China and the world appeal to the Chinese government to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.