(Clearwisdom.net) Some fellow practitioners were captured a few days ago, which caused some damage to Dafa work. Why are we always persecuted by the evil when we are doing such sacred work as assisting Teacher in doing Fa-rectification and saving people?

We believe there are two major reasons. One is that we have not been able to "completely oppose everything arranged by the evil old forces." ( "Dafa is Indestructible") The evils were thus able to take advantage of the weak points in our minds. In words, everyone can talk about, "completely oppose everything arranged by the evil old forces." But when things happen, we still treat them with the warped notions that the evil forces imposed upon us, and even completely accept their arrangements.

For example, some practitioners always worried that the vicious people may catch them when they worked on clarifying the truth and doing Fa-rectification, as if they were doing something bad; they felt insecure once they were listed as wanted, and others dared not to contact them; they believed that they would be seized when the vicious police started their blanket searches. They also believed that they would be severely tortured once they were seized. There used to be a practitioner who was working on Dafa material who said, "If we are caught doing such things, we would at least have a layer of skin ripped off, even if we don't die." Later, he was indeed seized and brutally tortured.

Such are the warped notions that the evil forces imposed upon us in order to obstruct Fa-rectification. They have seriously harmed cultivators. Many people were persecuted and ruined because of this. It is important to be careful and take precautions for safety and security. But we must first break through the warped notions of accepting and not opposing the evil's persecution. Otherwise we would be framed by the evil forces, and accept the evil forces' arrangements. Then the evil would take advantage of our weak points, which is our omission! Especially for those practitioners who do important Dafa works, the evil is close by and waiting for chances to interfere with and persecute them so that they could obstruct Fa-rectification progress. They are in other dimensions and can see your human thoughts very clearly.

The arrangement of the evil old forces does not conform to the nature of the universe. In the past, there used to be negative beings examining cultivators and creating tribulations during one's personal cultivation. But we are in Fa-rectification period and are assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa. This is completely different from personal cultivation in the past. Such persecution is the evil old forces' persecuting Dafa and disrupting Fa-rectification through persecuting Dafa practitioners. Practitioners are doing the most sacred work of Fa-rectification. How can the low level beings and the bad people who will be eliminated be qualified to test us? Their so-called tests are not allowed by Fa-rectification. But they insist on doing so. Therefore we must use righteous thoughts to destroy them, protect the positive elements in the universe, and be responsible for Fa-rectification.

"But in order to achieve everything they've wanted to, the old, evil forces in the cosmos have directly taken part in persecuting Dafa, Dafa disciples, and all beings by continuously using the evil arrangements that they contrived and that don't conform to the true Fa-principles of the cosmos, and they have taken advantage of the unremoved notions that are at Dafa disciples' human surface, and Dafa disciples' karma, to make their righteous thoughts falter." (Teacher's article "Dafa is Indestructible") We should root out and get rid of the warped notions that the evil old forces have imposed upon us. Only by doing so, can we actively eliminate and break through the evil's arrangements.

The other reason is that we don't know how exactly to eradicate the evil old forces. Up until now there are still people lacking confidence in sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, having doubts as to whether they have such powerful capabilities. "In order to lessen the persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples," (Teacher's article "The Effect of Righteous Thoughts") Teacher entrusted us with the Fa-rectification verse, which is the weapon for eliminating the evil and the treasure for protecting ourselves, so that we can eliminate the evil with firm righteous thoughts. Dafa has such mighty power. Teacher has such mighty power. Many Buddhas, Taos, and Gods who have been assimilated to the Fa are helping us as well. If we can follow Dafa's requirements at all times, dissolve into the Fa, and become genuine Dafa particles, Dafa's mighty power will manifest in us, and we will be indestructible. And evils, no matter how high their levels are, will be completely eliminated because of our righteous thoughts.

Once we use righteous thoughts and have eliminated the evil forces that control and command the vicious people, human evil in this dimension will disappear as well. It is just like healing illnesses: whenever we eliminate the karma and bad beings in other dimensions, the symptoms in this dimension will naturally disappear.

Evil old forces imposed the vicious persecution upon Dafa and Dafa practitioners. We are Dafa particles. Nobody is qualified to test Dafa or us. Dafa does not acknowledge it. We should not acknowledge or accept it either. We cannot just say that we want to completely oppose everything arranged by the evil old forces. We should view everything righteously from the perspective of renewed beings in Dafa at all times, and use righteous thoughts to firmly eliminate the evil. Then we will be indestructible, and will happily receive the complete accomplishment when the Fa rectifies the cosmos.