Zhou Jun, female practitioner in Kuerle City, Xinjiang Autonomous Region (AR)

She was arrested in October 2000. Since she is a single mother, her five-year-old child had to be sent to her brother's family. In January 2001, while being held in the Kuerle Detention Center, she was found practicing the exercises. Two inmates were also found practicing with her. A female guard Tuni Shayu shocked Zhou Jun repeatedly with an electric baton and then handcuffed her hands in a torture position -- with one hand going down her back from over her shoulder, and the other hand reaching up her back. Being handcuffed in this way causes excruciating pain as soon as people were handcuffed this way. If a person was handcuffed for over 1-2 hours, he or she would be faint under this excruciating pain, some people would still feel their fingers numb a few months later. In the Kuerle Detention Center, if a practitioner is found practicing the exercises, he or she will be handcuffed in this way at least four hours. The other two inmates who practiced with Zhou Jun were also handcuffed this way. Miserable crying and shouting from the agony could be heard from very far away. Many inmates in the detention center shed tears upon hearing their cries. After more than four hours of this, the guards took off their handcuffs, but Tuni Shayu shocked Zhou Jun with her electric baton again. As a result, Zhou remained bedridden for four days. She is still being detained in the Kuerle Detention Center.

Zhang Lei (pseudonym), female, from Wulumuqi City

In December 2000, she was arrested while posting Dafa truth-clarifying literature and sent to the Kuerle City Police Department. Because she refused to tell them her name and address, a policeman named Zhao Ze tortured her for several hours. While beating Zhang Lei, Zhao said to her, "The government has already determined the nature of Falun Gong, why are you still making trouble?" Zhang Lei replied, "If there had been no injustice, then no one would have appealed and posted fliers clarifying the truth." Zhao had no reply. After resting for a while, Zhao then continued to torture her and ask her for her name and address. Finally, seeing that they could not succeed, the policemen tried to take a picture of her. However, Zhang Lei did not cooperate with them. Five or six of them ganged up on her and pushed her to the ground. Zhang Lei denounced them loudly, "How can you be persecuting Dafa practitioners like this!" Because her face was distorted from being tortured, they had to take another, more accurate, picture of her six days later. Zhang Lei is currently being detained in the Kuerle Detention Center.

Liu Yilan, female, 55-year-old, a retired official from the Yanerwo Region

On November 23, 2000, she was arrested while passing out materials that clarified the truth about Dafa. She was sentenced to three years of forced labor.

Wang Juan, a pregnant female practitioner from Kuerle City

After July 22, 1999, despite her pregnancy, the local police hung her up by handcuffs and tortured her so that she would hand in Dafa books. They forced Wang Juan's mother to give all the Dafa books to the police office.

Zhao Qi, female, a practitioner from Kuerle City

In July 2001, the police from Kuerle City Police Bureau arrested her from her home in Kuerle City. They searched her home and confiscated Dafa material and a copy machine. They believed that she was the contact person in this area, so they forced her to tell the names of other Dafa practitioners with whom she contacted. Zhao Qi did not cooperate with them and suffered from the policemen's torture.

A female practitioner

She has been detained in Liudaowan Shuimogou Female Detention Center, Wulumuqi City, since March 2001. She refuses to tell her name, and she has not yet been released. This practitioner went to the Second Woolen Mill to visit a fellow practitioner in March. She found several policemen surrounding her fellow practitioner when she arrived. As she tried to leave the yard, the policemen on watch and the guards in the yard surrounded her. They asked for her name, her work unit, her home address, and whether she practices Falun Gong. This practitioner did not want to involve her family members, so she did not answer them. As a result, she was detained in the detention center and numbered as Dafa No 2. She was about 50 years old, so she was called "No. 2 Aunt." Later on, fellow practitioners sent clothes and money to her, but the guards did not give them to her. She is currently being detained far beyond legal detention term [15 -- 30 days].

Xiao Lan (pseudonym), female

In June of this year, she traveled to Xinjiang AR. Police arrested her when she was distributing truth-clarifying literature with local practitioners from Yanzhi County near Kuerlei City. Because Xiao Lan didn't tell police her name and address, they beat her. Xiao Lan went on a hunger strike to protest the mistreatment. A few days after she went on a hunger strike, when she went to bathroom, Xiao Lan took the opportunity and climbed over the wall. But she fell into a river on the other side. She was very weak and didn't know how to swim. As a result, the police caught her again. They alternately exposed her to the hot sun and then froze her for several days without food or water. [the temperature difference during the day and the night is extremely great in that region]. Now Xiao Lan has been transferred to Bazhou Detention Center in Kuerlei city.

Zhao Jinxiang, female, 41 years old, from the Yanerwo region

On November 23, 2000, she was arrested with Liu Yilan when they were distributing truth-clarifying materials. She was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor.

On April 2001, the officials in Xinjiang AR Party Committee and "610" office (an office specializing in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners; 6.10 refers to June 10, 1999, when this office was set up) started a new round of persecution towards Dafa practitioners. They constantly held brainwashing classes in Wulumuji city, and attempted to brainwash steadfast Dafa practitioners. They forced practitioners to give up their beliefs. They had used the method of a few even a dozen people surrounding and attacking one practitioner.

Recently, a few very steadfast Dafa practitioners in Wulabo Labor Camp and Changji Labor Camp, Wang Lifeng (a doctor of No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University), Zhao Aijun (a soldier in Shihezi Armed Police), Wang Junqiang and Ma Chao were forcibly taken to Senior Rehabilitation Center of Nanshan County Banfangou Town Central Health Center for forced brainwashing. They have also brought those who had betrayed Dafa at the labor camp and order them to spread the words of their evil enlightenment. Wang Lifeng and Zhao Aijun went on a hunger strike to protest the vicious persecution and refused the brainwashing.

One policeman in Wujiaqu said, "Currently we are very hard on Falun Gong. Jiang Zemin himself directs the suppression. He issued a secret order, 'Completely eradicate Falun Gong, imprison them for life, no living practitioner, no physical body is found after they are dead. Those tortured to death should be counted as suicide cases."

In addition, the vicious force in Xinjiang is holding brainwashing classes in every region, and starting to persecute practitioners on a large scale. We call on all practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that damages Dafa in Xinjiang.

The vicious people who persecute Dafa practitioners in Xinjiang AR and Wulumuqi City:

Man Zongzhou (secretary director of Xinjiang AR Party Committee)

Zhou Shengtao (Deputy director of Xinjiang AR Party Committee, and director of Xinjiang AR "610" office)

Li Guanghui (director of Wulumuqi City "610" office)

He Yiming (director of Wulumuqi City Propaganda Department)

Zhang Yanyong (director of Wulumuqi City Political and Judiciary Committee)

An Shengfen, male, about 45 years old, is the director of No. 102 Regiment Police Office of No. 6 Farm Division in Xinjiang AR Army. Phone numbers: 011-86-994-5655110 (O), 011-86-994-5655551(H).

He is the chief criminal in persecuting Dafa practitioners in the No. 102 Regiment. There were over 100 practitioners in the No. 102 Regiment. After July 20, 1999, police station officers and the vice-director of the Regiment Political Committee beat, arrested and threatened practitioners. Practitioners who dared to step forward to validate Dafa would be arrested. Six practitioners were arrested and one practitioner was illegally sent to a labor camp. These vicious policemen often ransacked practitioners' homes for Dafa books and Dafa materials. All practitioners' families were disturbed.

Wang Shuiping, is the director of Wujiaqu Town Police Department. In this town, more than 20 practitioners were arrested. One or two practitioners were detained. Ten practitioners were sentenced to forced labor education and one was put into a labor camp. They sentenced practitioners to forced labor education or put practitioners into labor camps without any legal warrant. All Dafa practitioners' homes had been ransacked and some of them had even been searched three or four times. Their normal daily life had been severely disturbed.

Liang Yi, a section chief of Wujiaqu Town Police Department, is one of the chief criminals persecuting Dafa practitioners. He even was rewarded for persecuting practitioners by the evil force.