Case 1

On May 5, 2001, Zhu Xirong, aged 47, retired clerk of Zongsheng Storage & Carriage Company in Shiyan City, was illegally arrested and sentenced to one year in a labor camp for printing and distributing the truth about Falun Gong. After being sent to the detention center, Zhu insisted that she was innocent, and refused to recognize the unjust treatments that were forced upon Dafa practitioners. She refused to recite the prison regulations, and refused to wear the prison uniforms that criminals wore, and she openly practiced the Falun Gong exercises.

On May 9, the administration officer named Li Peihua in Shiyan First Detention Center summoned Zhu Xirong, and attempted to force her to wear the dirty uniform that had been laying on the ground. Zhu replied: "This is not what I should wear." Hearing this, Li immediately let 5 or 6 inmates beat and kick her. Zhu shouted to them: "No violence!" but she was quickly beaten beyond recognition, with all her teeth smashed or loosened. One of the teeth is still loose and cannot be used to bite any food. After the violence, they handcuffed and chained her with shackles weighing up to 30 pounds. A group of wardens then gathered in the hall and began to swear at her. Then they ordered some prisoners to drag her downstairs, beating and abusing her all the way. They also pulled out another practitioner named Wang Chuanqin from No. 41 cell, as "evidence" to the severe pain caused after being handcuffed for several days, due to this practitioner's violation of their order. After such an outburst of violence against her, they threw Zhu into the No. 40 cell.

On the second day Zhu was pulled out again to bear the same kind of torment like that on the previous day. Two days later, she couldn't breathe normally, and her face turned very pale. She could hardly remain standing after she was brought back to the door of the No. 40 cell. The practitioners imprisoned in that cell had to carry her to bed. By that time, Zhu had begun to vomit and excrete blood. When the evil people tried to persecute her this way for the third time, Zhu had been very sick in bed. A thug named Zhang Tao (imprisoned criminal of the jail) jumped on the bed to pull her down. The practitioners and other detainees of the cell had to reason with them and, at their repeated request, the evil people finally gave up on their idea to persecute Zhu for the third time, after making sure she was very sick indeed.

Zhu was handcuffed for 15 days afterward. Because of the hot weather and being deprived of any bathing privileges, she began to smell bad. The policemen continued to interrogate her on May 15.

They took turns over a 24-hour period to interrogate her, and forced her to stand without sleep for two days and one night. When she became sleepy, the policemen handcuffed her in the corridor, and continued the interrogation. After this persecution for 2 days, Zhu's legs became so swollen that she could hardly bend them, but she was still shackled after being returned to her cell. On June 5, Zhu was sent to a brainwashing class, but was quickly sent back because she failed the medical exam.

On June 19, Li Peihua forced a 50-year-old practitioner named Liu Chaoying to wear the uniform for the detainees. Zhu asked Li not to force Liu to wear the uniform, but was cursed by Li, who then called in some other prisoners so they could forcibly put the uniform on Zhu. After this they handcuffed her behind her back so that she could not move, and then placed her into a cell which was extremely dirty and smelly, with urine and feces littering the ground. The following day she was handcuffed in a different cell for another 2 days, where her arms soon became very swollen, and her fingers could no longer bend.

On June 26 Zhu was sent to Shayang labor camp but, because she did not pass the medical exam, she was taken back to the detention center again.

On the 17th of July Zhu was sent by force to the brainwashing class of Maojian district. The evil people also extorted 1500 Yuan from Zhu's former company.

On the morning of July 20, Zhu bravely participated in the collective practice of Falun Gong with others in the brainwashing class. Mei Fang, the head of the brainwashing class, kicked her hard, and slapped her on the face. The mark left from being kicked is still visible now.

The police officers of Maojian police station forcibly brought her out from the dorm to the parade grounds, and then forced her into a police vehicle. Her pants and underpants were pulled to the ground, and then they handcuffed her onto an iron bar outside the Wudanglu police station, publically displaying her in that humiliating position.

On the afternoon of July 22 she was sent back to the brainwashing class. That evening Mei Fang personally pulled Zhu out from bed, and stripped off her trousers and underpants, ripping three holes in her underpants. After this Zhu was forcibly taken to the parade grounds half naked. Mei Fang gave her a heavy slap on the face. Her face was swollen for several days afterwards.

Because Zhu refused to co-operate with the evil people, she was dragged into the janitor's room of the security company, and then she was bound to a tree. Because of her determination in belief, she was not released to her dorm until 9 o'clock. On the morning of July 23, Mei Fang ordered guards to pull Zhu out again, and instructed them to yank hard. Zhu refused to yield, so the evil people pulled her to the back gate of the security company, and handcuffed her behind the back. At noon, they tried handcuffing her onto a basket support. Seeing that Zhu was undaunted, they had to bring her back to the dorm. Zhu's hands were left extremely swollen.

Later Zhu went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. On August 24, after she had been on hunger strike for 34 days, she was released. Her son had to carry her home as she was too skinny and weak to walk.

Case 2

Guan Qiai, female, aged 40, is a farmer from Baoxia village, Yun County, Shiyan area. In December 2000, she went to appeal in Beijing, and was arrested and sentenced to three years in a labor camp. In the detention center of Yun county she received various tortures. On June 22, 2001, the criminals there beat her for two days, and didn't allow her to sleep in the bed. She was forced to sleep on the ground for a long time.

A male practitioner from Yun County, was once told by the detainees who had stayed in the same cell with Guan, that she had suffered too much in the detention center. Because her health was not up to the standard, she was put into the No.41 cell of the detention center. The criminals detained there beat her on the head and neck, and several other places on her body were wounded too. She was handcuffed behind the back to a pillar even when suffering from a high fever, and the wounds on her body festered badly. On July 5, she was taken away by the policemen from Yun county. So far her whereabouts are still unknown.

Case 3

Zhu Shixiang, 35, female. On January 25, 2000, she was deceived into going to Renminlu police station under the pretext of a talk. Then she was detained illegally for three months. During the detention, she was forced to write the guarantee to renounce her belief. The food she received there was plain vegetables with no seasoning, and the place she was forced to sleep was a plate on the cement ground. She was often beaten just for saying a word. When she asked to go home, the policemen beat her, leaving blood all over her face.

During the period when she was imprisoned in the brainwashing class, the evil people sent her back to her parents' home in Zhushan. Zhu is a hairdresser, but the local police didn't allow her to do any business, and robbed her of everything by force. Without any income Zhu has to rely on her husband, who is doing odd jobs in places away from the home. Moreover, her family's water supply was cut off in the hot summer. For almost a month, Zhu's family suffered harassment from a group of people every day; they forced Zhu to write the so-called "promise and guarantee" to renounce her belief. This is Jiang Zemin regime's "good treatment" for people who insist on their belief in China today.

Case 4

Ke Changfen, a 32-year-old woman, started to practice Dafa in March 1999. In November 2000 she was detained for a month because she clarified the truth of Falun Gong to people, and she was beaten during the detention. When it approached the date of her release, the police called her family at midnight, and threatened to send her to a labor camp if they wouldn't pay 5000 Yuan. Her family had to borrow money everywhere. After they sent 5000 Yuan to the detention center, the police told them that they must pay another 900 Yuan for Zhu's room and board in the detention center.

On January 19, 2001, no more than half a month after she was released, the policemen of the Renminlu police station deceived her with the excuse of wanting to talk to her. The consequence was imprisonment in an iron cage for three days and 2 nights, and then she was sent to a brainwashing class for three months, where she was forced to renounce her belief. Because she held hunger strikes demanding her release, she was sent again to the detention center and was forced to stay 10 days. Finally she was sent back to her home in Zhushan. When the policemen handed her over to her family, they extorted another 400 Yuan.

The local police station learned about her release a few days later. They forced the landlord to take back the shop front Ke was using for her business. Then they went to her home to force her family to move elsewhere, and threatened to cut off water and electricity, and expel her child from school, if she refused to write the guarantee to renounce the belief in Falun Gong.