Michigan City is a small town in Indiana. Practitioners have been there several times to spread the Fa and the effects have been very good. They contacted Michigan Channel 28, which is the only TV station in the area. The host, Todd, had read the Dafa information carefully for several weeks and decided to invite 3 practitioners to make a special program about Falun Dafa.

Being photographed with the host, Todd, in the taping room (first from the left)Scene from the field recordingExercise demo and brief introduction

On the weekend, practitioners arrived at the TV station early with exhibition boards. Todd was there early also waiting for them so that they had plenty of time to share information. Before the program recording started, they communicated with each other and reached mutual agreement on the time allocations; Practitioners also answered the questions Todd had so he could focus on the program. Todd was totally engaged in the program. He applauded the beauty of Dafa and was shocked at the brutal killings in China. Additionally, because he had already read the information, Todd made the program go very smoothly with questions, including the spreading of Dafa in China as well as in the world, the beneficial effects of Dafa, the persecution in China, and the global support for Dafa. After the program was completed, Todd asked the practitioners to leave more material with him so he could pass them on to his colleagues.

The event was very successful, and the practitioners would like to share the following points:

(1) Give up the notion that it is difficult to deal with media. They are all sentient beings. The cooperation with TV station is good for the TV station and the citizens it covers.
(2) Bring sufficient materials, including both the beneficial effects of Dafa and the brutal persecution. This gives the photographer enough materials so he can take whatever he needs. It also offers an opportunity for people to know Dafa and the truth.
(3) Try to cover both details and the overall pictures of the persecution when selecting the persecution pictures.
(4) Before the taping of the program, talk to hosts so they understand that the reason we come to them is not to sell them anything but to tell people about Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, to tell people about the brutal persecution in China, to awaken their consciences, and to call on kind people to uphold justice.
(5) After finishing the program, thank everyone involved in the program. Good manners not only represent personal politeness, but also establish a good public image as Dafa practitioners.