Sep 3, 2001


Li, a male around 40 years old and a factory-floor production supervisor, has co-operated with government authorities to spy on practitioners. He routinely curses Falun Dafa. Not long ago, his daughter suddenly became mentally ill. He fails to understand the principle that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. He still continues to curse and criticize Falun Dafa, not regretting any of his actions. Just a few days ago, his daughter had a relapse and is now under treatment for her mental condition. If one does not distinguish right from wrong and does such things such as cursing at heaven's law, calamity may come to one's relatives.

Consider the case of a villager who has always co-operated with depraved people to do such things as follow and spy on Falun Dafa practitioners. Her husband was hit by a motorcycle and hospitalized for many days. He is still recuperating at home. Even after her husband's accident, she has not begun to regret her wrongdoing.

These incidents have occurred for good reason. They are punishments. However, punishment itself is not the purpose. The purpose is to make people turn away from evil and follow a path of benevolence. This is the root of the heavenly principle, that evil is met with evil and good is met with good. This principle cannot be changed and transformed by the human mind. It is important to wake up and be clearheaded about this.