On January 1, 2001, I went to Beijing for the third time to validate Falun Dafa. While in Tiananmen Square, as soon as I had yelled "Falun Dafa is good," two policemen grabbed the banner I was holding and shoved me to the ground.

After I got up, the police forcibly pushed me into a police car and drove me to the Tiananmen Police Station which was full of illegally detained practitioners. We had only been there a little while when the policemen took us to a newly built prison in Changpin. We spent one night in jail, and on the next day the police sent us to the police station in Yanqing County. A "transportation fee" of about of 30 Yuan (Chinese currency; the average salary is about 500 Yuan a month in cities of China) was extorted from each person.

Because I refused to cooperate when they wanted to take my picture at the police station, a policeman dragged me by my hair and slammed my head against the wall. I closed my eyes, but in the end they took my picture. Afterwards, the illegal interrogation followed. They began to interrogate me by asking my name and address. Because I would not tell them, two policemen came in to beat me. One of the policemen was Geng Renqing. The policemen slapped both sides of my face, dragged me by my hair and slammed my head against the wall. Because I still would not tell them anything, they handcuffed me and shocked me with electric batons, inserted lighted cigarettes into my nostrils, and forced me to smoke the cigarettes. They kept on torturing me until I had little breath left. Around 8 in the evening, I was sent to a senior citizen's nursing home (they have detained many Dafa practitioners there). Before the policemen left me, they poured two glasses of cold water onto my neck.

On the third day, when the police came to get me, my fellow practitioners pulled me towards them and tried to stop my being interogated by the police. Policemen Geng Renqing and another policemen beat up these practitioners and forced them to stand in place for an entire day. Around 5 pm, the police stripped me of all my sweaters and only left me with a light undershirt to wear. They also ripped off my winter shoes and forced me to stand outside barefoot in freezing temperatures. They sat in a car nearby to watch me and asked me periodically for my name and address. They attempted to get information from me for quite a while, but were unsuccessful. Finally, they sent me back to the nursing home where I was being detained.

On the fourth day, the detained practitioners planned to block the door to stop police from taking any of us away. We also demanded that the police unconditionally release all practitioners. (The practitioners had been on a hunger strike since the first day of their detention). That afternoon, several military policemen arrived and managed to jump into the room through the small window on the door. They tied up five practitioners [including myself] who they thought were the leaders. They threw us into a car and drove us to a public bath house (a place where people can buy a ticket to get in to take a bath. In China, usually every work place has one such facility for its people.) Once we arrived there, they threw us into a water puddle. We were lying on the ground, face down and barefoot. Both our hands and feet were tied to chairs while they force-fed us. The police doctors in charge of the force-feeding were wearing badge numbers 062660 and 062661. We were sent back to the detention center after the force-feeding.

If we firmly refuse to cooperate with evil, the evil will be at its wit's end and will not be able to achieve its goal. Two days later, we were all released.