I am a little Dafa practitioner in Mainland China. Though I am only 10 years old and still a child in the eyes of grown-ups, I know that more than 300 practitioners in China have been tortured to death. If you include the ones that haven't been posted on the web site, there are more than 1,000 deaths. I feel really sad about it.

I don't know if those brutal policemen who are still alive have ever thought about how the family and the children feel when they torture a person to death. I am one of those children that have lost family members. There are seven members in our family, and we all practice Falun Dafa. My aunt was sent to the Gaoyang Labor camp. My grandma went to Tiananmen Square on New Year's Eve 2001 to validate Dafa; nobody knows her whereabouts at this time. My grandpa and my younger uncle are serving their illegal sentences in Datangwan Prison. My elder uncle was sent to the First Labor camp in Tangshan City and was tortured to death after only 7 days.

I feel especially sad about my elder uncle. He would have been only 33 years old this year. There were wounds all over his body, blood in his ears, and large bruises on his back (I didn't get to see the other parts of his body). However, the team leader who was in charge of my uncle in Tangshan Labor camp claimed that my uncle died of an illness, which is ridiculous! I lost a member of my family, someone who loved and cared about me. I don't know how those policemen could so ruthlessly bring themselves to kill him. They have families themselves! They also have children!

I plea to everyone in the world: please help us stop such evil acts! All the practitioners they torture to death are truly good people. If this is allowed to continue, there will be fewer and fewer good people left.

I also want to tell those people who do such terrible things: you also have families and children. Would you feel bad if you lost your loved ones? When you receive retribution for your wrongdoings, how will your children feel? Please stop all your misdeeds!