(Clearwisdom.net) Deceived by the propaganda aired on a TV program attacking Falun Dafa, a teenager about 15-years-old in Yongji County, Jilin Province had very bad notions about Dafa. One day he saw some Dafa flyers on light poles and he tore down two of them while claiming that he was not worried about the immediate retribution in this lifetime. Several days later, someone found that his arms were wrapped in bandages and splints. When asked what happened to him, he said that he fell and broke both his arms several days after he pulled off the Dafa flyers. He had spent 150 Yuan on medical care for his arms and he had to go to the hospital again as his arms were not completely healed yet. When asked whether or not he would still tear down Dafa flyers, he said he would never do such a thing again. Later, a Dafa practitioner clarified the truth to him and he changed his attitude towards Dafa - one more life was saved.