On the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival we heard the horrifying news from China that another female practitioner, Yu Xiuling, was thrown to her death after a lengthy beating by police. Police quickly sent her body for cremation and labeled her death as suicide. Practitioners in Washington DC held an urgent press conference in front of the Chinese Embassy to expose the truth and ask for justice.

Urgent press conference in front of the Chinese Embassy Appeal from a young practitionerPractitioners holding a banner says "Dismantle the 610 Office; Bring Luo Gan to Justice"

Although it was Sunday and we sent out the invitations late, some reporters still managed to attend the press conference. Some reporters who couldn't come also contacted us to get the details. They showed deep sympathy.

Among approximately 30 practitioners were some from Baltimore, most of the Western practitioners in the DC area, and some practitioners who previously had seldom joined the group events. The great contribution of practitioners in China at every serious and important moment on the path of Fa rectification touched the heart of every practitioner.

As we said in our press statement: We gather here and strongly urge Chinese government to immediately dismantle the notorious 610 Office and bring Luo Gan to Justice on the spot. We urge the Chinese government to allow a third party independent investigation of the labor camps where Falun Gong practitioners are being detained. The persecution of Falun Gong must end unconditionally.