October 22, 2001


1. "This (Falun Dafa) is Worldwide."

Several policemen came to harass one Falun Dafa practitioner at a big state-run company in northern China. These policemen wanted to arrest her. While she was resisting the persecution, she heard the following interesting conversation:

The company party secretary said: "How come you still dare to participate in this [practicing Falun Gong]? The government has already decided on its nature and forbidden it. Are you fighting with the government?"

Another company official who had just come back from visiting a foreign country said: "You cannot be sure that the government is right . You don't know the situation. Now, Falun Gong is worldwide. It is not something we can deal with. It is hard to say what will happen eventually."

A Security Section Official interrupted here: "Falun Gong is very capable. I was told that its radio and TV stations are broadcasting to the whole world. How can you stop them?"

Since this practitioner constantly sent forth righteous thoughts, and many clear-minded people in the company worked to protect her, she came back safe and sound several hours later. The policemen obtained nothing.

2. It Is Not a Crime To Be Good People.

Several days ago, a non-practitioner friend told me that his work unit had organized a tour to Yesanpo, a suburb of Beijing. Seeing Falun Dafa statements all over the mountains and hills, he and his co-workers were very moved. Especially when he read "It is not a crime to be good people," he said "I was so moved that I almost cried." Then he told me, "Good people cannot understand why all these kind-hearted practitioners are being persecuted so cruelly. It is impossible for us to understand! You Falun Gong people are seen as heroes in everyone's hearts. Very admirable. You must keep on!"

His neighbors and friends all firmly stated: "The case of Falun Gong will be overturned," and once it is overturned, "We will all go to court to be witnesses," to testify as to how bad people nowadays are persecuting the practitioners who are their friends and neighbors.

3. Police Chief Feels No Qualms Upon Self-Examination

A former comrade-in-arms (a non-practitioner) of a local police chief tried to persuade him never to lay murderous hands on Falun Gong practitioners. "They are good people. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil," he said. This police chief said that he was familiar with the principle, and knew from personal experience that all Falun Gong practitioners are good people. "I have never done anything to mistreat Falun Gong. If this situation is reversed in the future, I will not be afraid. I don't feel guilty when I examine my own heart."

4. A Human Being Must Have a Human Heart.

A group of policemen illegally kidnapped a Falun Dafa practitioner from his home in front of a crowd of people. One mean-spirited woman in the neighborhood told the police in front of everyone that this practitioner might have distributed Dafa flyers. She did not expect that her words would arouse people's anger. Someone in the back of the crowd said, "No virtue! She falsely accuses such a good man. I see how she is now." Another lectured this mean woman right to her face: "A human being must have a human heart. Do not be so mean to others! Mind the retribution you will get!"