My family (parents and five brothers and sisters) all obtained the Fa from June 1997 to November 1998 (my parents and I first obtained the Fa in June 1997). My younger brother obtained the Fa in November 1997 and organized a practice site; my oldest and youngest sisters obtained the Fa in April 1998; and my second sister obtained the Fa in November 1998. During that period, we did not have any obstacles in studying the Fa. We strove forward vigorously to genuinely practice cultivation. In the onrush of studying the Fa and promoting the Fa, our moral characters improved rapidly. Since July 20th, 1999 (when the Chinese government officially started to persecute Falun Gong), we successively stepped forward into the Fa-rectification, safeguarding and validating the Fa, clarifying the truth, eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts and saving the sentient beings. I'd like to share our experiences in taking the righteous path with fellow practitioners. Please compassionately point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

On July 22nd, 1999, the oldest of my sisters, my parents and I went to the Province Government Hall to appeal for Falun Gong. Some fellow practitioners silently and orderly sat at both sides of the Hall gate, some sat at the roadside. At 3:00 pm, they began broadcasting fabricated news. The police pushed and beat us, forcing us into police vehicles. We were sent to an appointed plaza. We were later released. My parents, and oldest and youngest sisters went to Beijing several times to appeal for Falun Gong, but they could not fulfill their wishes. The first time my parents went, they were arrested at the railway station and sent back. They were detained for two days at the police station and then another two days at a detention center before they were released. At that time, my oldest and youngest sisters were also summoned to the police station. My youngest sister, who did not cooperate, was also sent to the detention center and detained for two days before she was released. The police requested my youngest sister to write a "guarantee letter" and to hand in her Falun Dafa books. She refused. My youngest sister's determined faith in Dafa was not threatened. She moved to live with my mother. The second time when my youngest sister went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, she was arrested on the train and held for 15 days at a detention center before she was released. The third time, in February 2000, my mother, brother, oldest and youngest sisters went to Beijing together to validate the Fa. They did very well this time. They were taken back by the police of their registered permanent residence and detained again for a month. They were illegally detained for another month for distributing Dafa materials. The fourth time, on New Year's Day of 2001, they went to Beijing again to validate Dafa. They were illegally sent to Harbin's Wanjia Labor Camp for forced education for one year.

In November 1999, my younger brother went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He went out of the evil den with dignity. His pure heart toward Dafa moved the police. He shared these experiences with fellow practitioners, and one after another they stepped forward to Tiananmen Square to safeguard Dafa. In February 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was illegally detained in the detention center for one month. Confused, he signed the "Guarantees to stop practicing." Later on, he went to Beijing several times to safeguard and validate Dafa, and to regain what he had lost in signing the "Guarantee to stop practicing." After sharing experiences with other practitioners, my little brother began to understand the Fa rationally based on the Fa and put his cultivation in the Fa-rectification to "assist Teacher in the world." There was need to express anything in words, because his actions manifested everything. His pure and righteous heart for validating and safeguarding the Fa frightened the authorities. He and two of our sisters, as well as other practitioners set up a hidden place to store Falun Dafa materials, and created a related website. They have produced a large quantity of truth-clarifying materials. He was arrested in May 2001 while sharing his experiences with other practitioners and is now being illegally detained in a labor camp.

In June of 2000, after three months of detention, my oldest and youngest sisters, determined not cooperate with the authorities, stepped out of the detention center with dignity. Regardless of being under "family detention," (living at home under police surveillance) they helped practitioners to improve together. They helped many practitioners to step out of the notion of self-cultivation and link themselves with Fa-rectification, such that they formed a mighty force of Fa-rectification. One after another, they went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa and they did it better and better. Later, they brought speakers, and shouted "Falun Dafa is Good!" and unfolded Dafa banners. The truth-telling materials have been spread everywhere in our local area. Posters of "Falun Dafa is Good," "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," "Return the Reputation of Falun Dafa" and so on can be found everywhere in the city.

My youngest sister was kidnapped during the Chinese Lunar New Year festival of 2001. She was illegally sentenced to a two-year term of forced "re-education" in Harbin's Wanjia Labor Camp.

My younger brother, a nephew, sister-in-law and others, totaling ten practitioners, old and young, went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa. My ten-year-old nephew was used by the police. Our computer, car, and 50,000 yuan in cash were taken. With the help of other practitioners, we reestablished a site to store Falun Dafa materials. A taxi driver reported us to the police when we distributed Dafa materials. The police disrupted the site again, resulting in a great loss. My oldest sister and other practitioners once again set up a storage site under very difficult circumstances. Their unshakable minds "frighten all evil" (Teacher's comments of an article "Also in a Few Words"). My father told me that my oldest sister was arrested in January 2001. His voice was so peaceful and calm.

What is the power that makes this family risk their lives to safeguard the Fa? It is the mighty virtue of Dafa; it is Teacher's boundless benevolent compassion that gives us our endless power.