I fell sick and couldn't get out of bed when I was only 33-years-old. The diagnosis from Capital Hospital in Beijing stated that I was deformed due to pressure under my skull. Later my condition had somewhat improved. Still, for eight straight years I hadn't been able to do away with my cane. Because of predestined relationship I attended the third Falun Dafa group study and practice in our county in April 1996. I had never imagined that I would be able to get rid of my cane in three days.

An elderly lady friend of mine learned the date of a Falun Dafa study session and came to my home to ask me to attend. I thought that famous hospitals couldn't do anything for my illness, and it seemed I wouldn't be able to do away with the cane for the rest of my life. So I was reluctant to try practicing Falun Gong. But my lady friend told me that this practice was so good, and if I could let go of my ordinary human attachments, it might achieve some miraculous effects. She could also come to my village to take me to the study session. Upon hearing from her that Falun Gong offers the cultivation of both mind and body, and is a practice that teaches people to be good, my husband thought that since everyone was saying so, why not go there to listen? Thus my husband gave me a ride to the Falun Dafa study session. The more I listened to Teacher Li Hongzhi's words, the more fascinated I became. Teacher taught that as a human one must value virtue and must return to one's true self. I was deeply moved. I regretted having not come to learn Dafa earlier. On the second day of listening to Dafa and learning the exercises I completely stopped worrying about curing my illness, and all I thought about was practicing cultivation. On the third night, I handed over my cane to my husband on our way home after the study session and, step-by-step, I walked home on my own. I couldn't understand how I was able to do this. On the fourth day, my husband went to Beijing to run an errand and didn't come home. I decided to walk to the site of the study session on my own. That was over 2 kilometers! I arrived there without taking any break along the way, and I was so pleased. For over eight years, I had never been able to be away from my cane for over ten minutes. This time, with no one beside me, I was able to walk for over one hour. Tears came to my eyes whenever I thought of this.

Twenty or so days into my practicing Falun Gong exercises, my right leg became swollen. My left leg was also swollen to the extent that I didn't dare to poke it. By listening to Teacher's Fa lecturing I knew that when my body was being cleaned up there would be some reactions. All these reactions removed the roots of my illness. So I endured the pain in my legs and persevered in the sitting meditation. About ten days later there was a miracle. Due to years of being paralyzed, all my ten toes were deformed, especially the toes on my left foot, which had turned black. But after these ten days or so of going through the reactions to the cleansing of my body, all my toes stretched out, and my toenails returned to their original, healthy color. After a dozen more days, I had reactions in my back (my back was hunched a little and stiff, and it often hurt). In three days, my back pain was gone. At the same time, it had miraculously straightened up. My child said, "Mom, you've grown taller!"

All these wonderful changes came along since I began practicing Falun Dafa. A brand new path of life emerged ahead of me. How could I not make diligent progress and cultivate all the way to completion?