On October 12, practitioners reached Osaka and its nearby cities. Practitioners get many opportunities to clarify the truth to local governments and media with help of local practitioners. They feel that as the Global RescueWalk reaches more people, the overall environment in Japan is getting better. More and more people understand and offer support to Dafa, including the city councils and police. Many people sign their names in the appeal letter to support SOS! RescueWalk. The media also show great interest in the RescueWalk. Major newspapers all positively covered our activities. Practitioners feel that Global RescueWalk is a very effective way to clarify the truth to people. Practitioners' sacrifices have won the understanding and support of sentient beings.

On October 18 practitioners reached the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka. They held a press conference. A Japanese practitioners read a letter to the media stating that persecution of Chinese government against Dafa practitioners is State Terrorism and calling upon kind hearted people to help stop the terrorist persecution.